What do you think of standardized testing and its role in the college admissions process?

It can be incredibly nerve-wracking to consider how much a single test can impact college admissions, so it’s no surprise so many “freak out” about it. Luckily, some colleges weight standardized tests differently, but until colleges find some alternative to the SAT, ACT and AP exams, I think it’s silly to place so much emphasis on single tests taken over three-hour periods, during which you know you could be making or breaking your admission. -Thurston Smalley ’11 I think standardized testing is stupid. It is not an accurate indication of your intelligence, but rather only a measurement of your test-taking skills. – Calista Small ’10 Standardized testing is a necessary evil in our education system, in which colleges compare the abilities of students from different, ambiguous educational backgrounds. I think for Andover students, however, those tests do not and should not matter as much because most colleges know the rigor of our curriculum. – Jack You ’10 I believe that standardized testing is an art. Some are lucky enough to have a knack for it, others learn the tools of the trade, and some just don’t get it. But like any other art, there are other mediums in which one can showcase whatever talent one has. I believe some people overstress about standardized tests. It does have some sway in the college admissions process, but so do grades, application and interviews, among other things. – Demetrius Lalanne ’11