Chris Capano Takes Over as Director of Student Activities

Christopher Capano, Manager of the Language Learning Center, will succeed Cindy Efinger as Director of Student Activities in the 2010-2011 school year. Efinger, who has served as the Director of Student Activities for the past seven years, said, “His love for the students was a big part of why he was chosen for the job.” Capano said, “I will be responsible for planning and arranging all the student activities on campus next year, such as Andover-Exeter, the fall and spring carnivals, the prom and all the other fun stuff.” Capano will also work with all of the clubs on campus. Capano said, “I’m there for advice. Also, the school can only have a certain number of clubs each year, and I have to decide which clubs will be on campus each year.” “I’ll also help organize the club rally every year and make sure that everyone is ready for that,” he continued. Having served as the Director of Student Activities for PA Summer Session since 2002, Capano already has experience with some of the duties that he will take on next year. Capano said he will need to devote his full time to student activities and will thus step down from his current position as the Manager of the Language Learning Center. Capano said that he will work closely with next year’s Blue Key Heads to New Student Orientation and other campus activities. “I have already met next year’s Blue Key Heads and I’m looking forward to working with them next year,” he added. He said, “I think it’s great that current students show the new students about how great it is here on campus.” “It is one thing to hear it from a faculty member but a whole lot better to hear it from a student,” Capano continued. Capano said, “I hope that the students feel that the they are given the opportunity to have fun, and that there are a lot of different that will keep everyone happy.” “I hope the students find me approachable. The office door is always open, and I’ll continue that,” he continued. He said, “I don’t have any preconceived notions in regards to the Blue Key Heads and the Students Activities Board and how they should be run.” “I feel that they are [the students’] events so if they want them we will try to put them into play,” Capano added. Capano said that the Student Activities Board has already established a Facebook account that will be used often as a forum for communication on campus. “I think that the Facebook account is a great idea because the weekly email from the Student Activities Board can often be ignored. If we can get [the information] out in a different way, that would be great,” said Capano. Capano also said that there are possible plans for creating a Twitter account pertaining to student activities on campus. Efinger will assume the role of West Quad North Cluster Dean for the 2010-2011 school year. Amber Quinones ’11, Student Activities Board President, said, “Of course I’m sad that Mrs. Efinger is leaving because she has been a symbol of student activities on campus for so long.” “However, I look forward to working with Mr. Capano next year,” said Quinones. Efinger said, “I think that Mr. Capano is going to be an incredible Director [of Student Activities].” “He knows the school and the students. He has also watched me do [my job] and he will be ready in September to take off,” she continued. Capano said, “Mrs. Efinger has been great about getting me involved. She has been very helpful for me in getting a feel for the job.” Capano has already begun attending the weekly Student Activities Board meetings as well as the Blue Key Head meetings. He said, “I am tremendously excited. It is hard to express how much I am looking forward to [next year]. I can’t wait to get started.” Capano applied to succeed Efinger as the Director of Student Activities when he heard of the vacant position. He then underwent an interview with Paul Murphy, Dean of Students and Residential Life, Temba Maqubela, Dean of Faculty and Instructor in Chemistry, and Efinger. Capano was offered the job following the interview.