Look of the Week: Madeleine McClintic’12 Classy with an Edge

With a pair of Repetto ballet flats and an elegant top, Madeleine McClintic ’12 comfortably presents herself as sophisticated with a hint of her own unique taste. McClintic’s father taught her the philosophy that one should look presentable at all times. “Style is really important for me. I…grew up with my father telling me that presentation is 90%… Obviously the way you look is a big part of what defines you, especially [to] the people who don’t know you very well.” Most of her looks are based off of what she sees in magazines and on runways. “I read a lot of fashion magazines. My favorites are Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar,” she said. She also gets inspiration from TV shows, such as “Gossip Girl.” Blair and Serena are her fashion muses on the show. “I like sophistication. I hate sloppiness,” she said. McClintic keeps her style unique giving her classic look some edge. “I like to mix things up a little, I don’t like to be too classic-looking,” said McClintic. She achieves this by adding many accessories to her outfit. One of her favorite types of jewelry, a chunky necklace can add flare to a tired, classic look. Sometimes a decorative headband will make a finishing touch to her outfit. McClintic’s signature accessories are her bracelets. The first things that people notice when they see her are the cluster of more than ten bracelets that McClintic wears, each displaying a different style. McClintic manages to bring it all together into a clean look. McClintic’s European background also influences her style. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland, whose location between the fashion capitals of Paris and Milan opens it up to influence from all over Europe. McClintic’s wardrobe is full of clothes from Topshop, Zara, H&M, French Connection and Zadig & Voltaire. McClintic’s daily look usually consists of a pair of flats and straight-leg jeans, a feminine top and jewelry. She creates her outfit each day based on her mood. She thinks it is also important to be comfortable and dress appropriately for the weather. “There is nothing worse than walking around in something that looks good but you feel awful in…Always make sure you feel good in what you wear and that you feel comfortable with it, because the confidence just radiates from you,” said McClintic. For this season, the fashion guru McClintic recommends, “Go for neutrals. This season neutrals are the thing.” She said that beige and grey can be paired with anything to give a simple, classic look. However, she advises people to not always wear something for the sake of following a trend. According to McClintic, it is important to be able to look natural in an outfit. If a trend just isn’t working for, try to incorporate the trend in a small place, such as a headband, or a pair of shoes. McClintic encourages incorporating the latest trends into the wardrobe but says that it is up to the dresser to interpret the trend into a unique way.