Campus Against Cancer’s First Event a Success

Students walked over thirty miles, or 122 laps, on the outdoor track and raised over three hundred dollars during the Campus Against Cancer club’s first cancer walk this past Sunday. Campus Against Cancer began last year under the leadership of Co-Presidents Maya Odei ’12 and Natalee Sohn ’11 with Miranda Haymon ’12 also serving on the board. According to Odei, the club organized this event “in order to raise awareness surrounding cancer and its effects and to raise money and educate students about cancer.” Haymon said, “When we started brainstorming about an event, we thought of the Walk For Hunger and we thought why can’t there be a Walk For Cancer? So, that’s how it started.” The club hopes to have increased their presence on campus with the event. Haymon said, “Since our club is relatively small right now, we are hoping that a lot of people will become aware of us after the walk. We are putting out board applications soon so that more people will join.” “In general we want people to join our club not because they feel obliged, but because they actually want to help with cancer. I think it’s so great that both students and faculty showed up to this event,” said Odei. Karen Morales ’12, one of the students in the club who took part in the event, said, “I think that this club is unique on campus and it’s for a really good cause.” Morales added, “I took part because I want to be committed to a good cause and I want to feel a sense of accomplishment for a good thing that I wasn’t forced to do.” Addy King ’13, another student who took part, said, “My mom has breast cancer, so I’m doing this to support her and hopefully she’ll be proud and it makes me feel good.” Henry Zhu ’12 said, “I took part in the Walk because I don’t want people to die of cancer. I signed up in a fit of altruism and I came because of a moral obligation for great justice.” Accoring to Zhu, “This is a good opportunity for awareness and morality through exercise. I just want to lessen the pain of people with cancer. I feel good that I’m helping them out.” Morales said, “This event, and the club in general, is special because it is kids taking initiatives to support a good cause. That’s the reason I joined the club at the beginning of the year.” Zhu said, “I will definitely participate in future events that this club hosts. Even though I’m not currently in the club, I would like to join to achieve great justice.” Odei is optimistic about future Campus Against Cancer events. Odei said, “Given the short amount of time that we had to put the event together I’d say it was a great building block for future Campus Against Cancer events to come.” Planning for the next event is already underway. According to Sohn, the next event, Powerpuff Football, is a flag football game that will occur sometime next year. Odei said, “All the funds will be donated to the American Cancer Society, so it’s a great cause.”