Andover Shut Out By National Powerhouse Deerfield

Despite a 17 save performance by Jay Dolan ’11, Andover suffered a brutal loss to Deerfield this week, getting shut out 12-0. Deerfield is one of the top high school teams in the nation, so despite what was shown on the scoreboard, Andover played a solid game. Andover kept the game close in the first quarter, as the team trailed 1-0 at the end of the period. The Andover attack rifled several good shots on net in the second quarter, but weren’t able to finish and ended the first half behind 3-0. The second half did not go as well for Andover however, as Deerfield wore out the battling Andover squad. “Deerfield is a very deep team with multiple middle lines and defensemen in and out of the game,” said Coach Carr. Deerfield quickly opened up the game in the second half, scoring five goals in four minutes of play to put the game out of reach for Andover. “They won all the face offs and groundballs. It went from a close game to a blowout in the blink of an eye,” Coach Carr said. Deerfield would go on to add a few more on to their already comfortable lead, and the game ended at 12-0. On the scoreboard, it appeared that both offensively and defensively, Andover couldn’t put anything together, but the larger factor was Deerfield’s tremendous talent. Offensively Andover couldn’t connect, but Dolan said, “We had some decent possessions, but defensively, Deerfield was just too good.” On the defensive side it was more that Deerfield had more possessions and opportunities to score than the Andover defense playing badly. “We didn’t really have any defensive breakdowns. Clay [Cleveland ’10] and Jay [Dolan] played extremely well in the game, and the Deerfield coach even made a point to say that Jay was the best goalie he had seen all year,” Coach Carr said. There wasn’t much Andover could do about this one, especially against the number one team in the nation, and the team is taking the game as an “eye-opening experience” as Coach Carr described it. Andover continued its losing ways this Wednesday, falling to Tabor in a close game 9-7. Andover came out strong again in this one, opening up a convincing 3-0 lead in the first quarter. “After the first quarter, everything fell apart fundamentally,” said Dolan. Tabor turned the tables on Andover, going on a 9-0 run to pull ahead of Andover by six after three quarters. Andover came out with energy and passion in the fourth quarter, and inched its way back, however it was too little too late. “We ran into a lot of trouble in the middle two quarters. We couldn’t seem to pick up any ground balls, and our passes were not on target,” Dolan said. Spencer Macquarrie ’10 had an excellent performance in this game, scoring two goals and bringing a spark to an offense that has been lackluster as of late. Andover has been struggling lately, look to turn it around with two home games this week.