Counsel From The Council

Hello Phillips Academy,?? Welcome to Student Council’s bi-weekly column. Here and on our Facebook group, “Phillips Academy: Your Agenda,” we will be broadcasting information throughout the year to keep you updated and involved. As for next year, Student Council has already begun several large projects like community biking, online textbooks, test-scheduling reform and student discounts downtown (with, hopefully, an upcoming surprise from Dominos this term!) Aside from these bigger objectives, Student Council is currently in the midst of conducting Upper Represenative elections, amending the current constitution and, most recently, cleaning up Commons. Yes, over the next few weeks Student Council will be undertaking a massive endeavor to pick up the dining halls. Although I’m sure most of the waste left on tables is from forgetting to clean up or getting distracted by friends, we mustn’t forget that people work at Commons, people with families and kids of their own. We should not make them clean up after more kids than they have to. However, as I’ve said, I don’t think this is a problem for PA. It is an unusual trend that has emerged over the last few weeks. Regardless, we will be starting a poster campaign as a way of raising awareness about this issue.. As we restructure the Council and revitalize our role on campus, we’ve been working with club heads to gain a comprehensive view of what student extracurriculars would want and need for next year. If possible, I’d like to initiate a “Student Affairs Fund,” which would be supported by alumni donations and monitored by faculty and administrators. The Abbot Academy Association typically gives money towards specific projects, like bringing guest speakers to campus, and the PSPA commonly provides for class events and parties. However, there is no organization on campus that specifically provides for student interests and clubs. As I said during my campaign, most of the friendships I’ve made here have been through extracurriculars and clubs. These activities are, in many ways, what sets Andover apart from other boarding schools. The level of excellence and professionalism that comes with Andover’s clubs is profound, and is sometimes only held back by their financial capability. We have the drive to do anything. For instance, with funding, up-and-coming clubs like the Classics Club could take day-trips to the Museum of Fine Arts, Model U.N. could compete at NAIMUN next year and groups like the Yorkies could record CDs to submit to BOHSCA, a premier acapella label that the Yorkies made several years back. Simply put, if given the right equipment, the students at this school could pursue passions to a whole new level. ?Thanks again for all your support throughout the campaign season. I’m truly looking forward to the job ahead next year. If you have any questions, complaints, or ideas, please, swing by one of our meetings on Sundays from 4 to 5 p.m. in the Underwood Room, or give us a shout on our Facebook page. We can make next year great and this school greater, but we must start today. Yours,? Michael MacKay ’11 Student Council President