Not All Fun and Games

Two weeks into spring term, the school has adjusted to the warmer weather, better attitudes and ever-increasing daylight hours. Unfortunately, however, students are also forced to choose between relaxing and studying, a particularly difficult choice for seniors. What are the best and worst aspects of spring 2010? Best Things About Spring: 1. Vitamin D- We can finally leave the dorm without six layers of snow gear, and the walk between classes is no longer a battle against the elements. Campus is a much happier place to be. 2. Senior Spring- You deserve it, but why can’t underclassmen take African Drumming and Ornithology? 3. Prom- When is prom.andover10.com going online? 4. Spring Sports- you don’t need to freeze in the hockey rink anymore to show some school spirit at athletic events. Go Big Blue! 5. Senior Spooning- Stealth, camouflage and spying deserve more attention in the academ- ic spectrum. This is truly survival of the fit test. Worst Things About Spring: 1. Premature Senioritis- It’s much more diffi- cult to get work done when we keep think ing about the other more appealing things we could be doing, like lounging on the Great Lawn. 2. Upper Spring- We’re a little bitter about the History 310 papers, endless hours in the library, lack of human interaction and college paranoia… Not to mention four-hour APs. 3. Senior Pro- No second chances. Mess up and you’re out. 4. Getting rejected- College, proctoring, perfect ing, board positions, summer jobs…Missing out on the opportunity you always wanted? Rejection is a chance for growth and explor- ing new dimensions of yourself. No better time than Spring. 5. Knowing you will have to say goodbye. Unlike Winter term, when most students are relegated to studying in their rooms, Spring is a time of interaction and growth. With everyone out enjoying themselves, however, decisions become tougher. Spring term is a classic period for poor choices, including cruising, illegal parietals and drinking. The nice weather doesn’t mean nice consequences for bad decisions. Students need to be wary of their actions, even in the midst of renewal and excitement.