The Phillipian sat in on researsals of “Blood Reversal,” directed by Demetrius Lalanne ’11. Blood Reversal When Lachlan wakes up in the middle of the night to make a cup of tea, he finds himself staring at a stranger facing him holding a sharp carving knife. Angelo, a dangerous criminal on the run, has broken into Lachlan’s house. As helicopters fly above attempting to find Angelo, the two begin to converse. Lachlan soon discovers Angelo’s identity, and he is immersed in a conflict with his moral and legal responsibilities. Starring in Blood Reversal are Will Adams ’11 as Lachlan and Nick Carmada ’12 as Angelo. Director Demetrius Lalanne ’11 said he chose the play for its intensity and its variety of emotions portrayed in a short period of time. Lalanne said, “I chose this play because it is deeper than the average DramaLab. With such a short amount of time, most DramaLabs aren’t able to go into much depth. With Blood Reversal we see mood swings, mood shifts and character development in a short period of time.” Despite the play’s emotional complexity, Lalanne said he wants audience members to interpret it at their own free will. He said, “I don’t know how I want the audiences to feel. [Their reactions] can go in different directions, depending on which character they favor.” Lalanne and the cast have been rehearsing throughout the past two weeks. Lalanne said, “[Although] Blood Reversal is definitely a drama, I expect a few laughs from the audience throughout the play. The play looks into whether people change, and where we could end up in life.”