Andover Secures Win in Home Opener; Christopherson ’12 Excels Later in Week

Led by Co-Captain Duncan Crystal ’10, Andover racked up two more wins this week to improve its record to 3-0. On Saturday against CSW, Andover maintained control throughout the game to gain a 15-7 win, and on Wednesday Andover repeated its success with a 15-4 win over Concord-Carlisle High School. On Wednesday, Andover took the field against CSW for the 2010 home opener. Andover started off slow, trading touchdowns with its opponent. Tied at two, Andover suddenly caught fire and went on a 6-0 run to bring the score to 8-2 at the half. “It was great to have such a sizable lead at the half because it gave us the opportunity to play some of our lesser experienced players,” said Josh T. Feng ’10. Andover continued its domination throughout the game, allowing CSW only two more points, and ending the game with a 15-4 win. As the game progressed, Andover continued to play at an elevated level, eventually controlling the entire second half. “We started off playing sloppy. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement for all our players, experienced and new. But we have identified what our weaknesses are and will focus on those in practice,” said Dylan Gully ’12. Last Saturday, Andover traveled to Concord-Carlisle for its second game of the season. Lucas Christopherson ’12 led Andover to a strong start, scoring touchdowns early in the game. Christopherson contributed on offense and defense, recording five defensive blocks. In addition to Christopherson, Crystal, Turner Shaw ’11 and Brandon Wong ’12 also stepped up and were offensive threats the entire game. “Lucas [Christopherson] had a great game. He was a giant threat on offense and proved to be a great defensive player. He definitely stepped up and was a huge contributor to our win,” said Crystal. Andover continued to play well throughout the remainder of the game, recording a 15-7 win. “Concord-Carlisle is the best team we have played this year. They had a good offense, and their defense stopped many of our scoring opportunities. But after playing in the game it is evident that we have many things to work on. As the season continues we will play better teams, and by then hopefully we can work out mistakes,” said David Russell ’12 One of the biggest highlights of Saturday’s game came when Thomas Armstrong ’11 got a “double happiness”. A double happiness is when a player gets a defensive block, and then scores the point on the same offensive drive. Andover takes the field Friday night in a home game against North Reading.