But Once Per Year

At Andover, balancing fun with work is also known as mastering time management. Admittedly, this is not nearly as entertaining as accompanying a friend on a trip to Ryley and simply finishing your English reading later, or spending an entire Sunday afternoon on the lawn playing cricket and ultimate rather than studying all day for a Spanish quiz. And who can blame you for choosing these courses of action? Before I even stepped foot on campus for the glorious thunderstorm start to senior spring, I could already picture the overflow of nostalgia and loss come late May. So my senioritis-inspired philosophy is to always enjoy Andover during spring term. Yes, students can obviously balance their workload with ounces of procrastinating fun without many repercussions. But Andover in the springtime truly is Andover at its best. And while I favor this spring term in particular, every time spring rolls around it is without fail more enjoyable than any other part of the year. Take a second and forget about the beautiful blossoming scenery, the sweet smell of warmth in the air or the ample opportunities to tan outside. Spring term is also about solidifying one’s place on campus, bonding with old and new friends, improving one’s grades following a depressing, cold winter and learning to appreciate Andover for its little graces. So it is essential to enjoy the school, the campus and the people around you before it all hits the fan once more. Ultimately, the good times spent doing something other than cramming for tests are the most important moments of one’s Andover career. They are the memories that alumni still remember of their time here. Why? Because, of course, hard work and no play can only get you so far in the end. The dust has settled in the wake of April 1st, the day Seniors received news from Ivy League institutions and other upstanding colleges. While many Seniors came out successful, much of the class will now be spending some time composing letters to be accepted off of waiting lists. Looking back on my four years here with much perspective, I cannot stress enough the importance of enjoying the spring sunshine instead of permanently worrying about college. In the end, Seniors are going to their first-choice school, eleventh-choice school, and everything in between. So yes, you will go to college. Perhaps it may not be the one you wanted to go to but life goes on. So in the meantime, enjoy your spring terms. They are the best terms of your time at Andover. People are generally happier, more carefree and less tense about, well, everything during spring term. In fact, part of the reason there is usually a highly publicized disciplinary scandal in the spring has to do with the cheerful and worry-free atmosphere that the term brings. Of course, there is a fine line between having fun and getting caught breaking the rules. Either way, pack away your awful winter coat and make way for the shorts, floral skirts, sundresses, sandals and occasional rain jacket for those April showers. Spring is a time of renewal and improvement. So do not let it slip away. Yes, do enjoy the sounds of screaming students who are outside during late evenings relentlessly playing soccer or the infamous game of four-square. Do smile at the murmur of chirping birds, as it is a sign that the warm weather is here to stay. Revel in the warmth of the sun on your body as you lounge on the lawn because a few minutes is perfect for helping you get through the rest of your classes. Play your guitar on the steps of Sam Phil or read your favorite book in the tree outside the back of Morse. Or perhaps just climb a tree. Whatever it is, as long as it feels right and makes you happy, go for it. Like the ingenuity of a bucket list, spring term gives you a chance to do those things that you may have been afraid of. And what better way to end the school year, or an Andover career in the case of Seniors, than with a bang? Nicole Okai is four-year Senior from Corona, NY.