Students Admitted for 2010-2011 School Year Visit Campus

Prospective students flooded the Andover campus while attending the Revisit Days programs for two days this week. During the week, prospective students entering the classes of 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 visited campus to attend a host student’s classes and to preview the Andover experience. “The classes I have gone to have been really cool, they are all super interesting and I have really enjoyed them,” said Mandy Reichenvach, one of the revisiting freshmen who was paired with revisit host Olivia Bren ’13. On Tuesday March 29, the prospective Andover students attended an ice cream social to interact with current students. At the ice cream social, the prospective students met their hosts while enjoying the talent of on-campus student performing groups such as Hypnotiq, Slam, and Azure. Reichenvach said, “The setting of the initial meeting really helped the settling in, everyone here is so nice its so easy to feel a part of the community.” Bren said, “The ice cream social was a great way to meet my revisit buddy, it made the revisit day a very fun experience.” The revisit students also attended a welcoming panel that consisted of the Admission Committee. Barbra Chase, the Head of School, spoke as well. Reichenvach said, “Many of the classes I visited here I am taking back at home, it was really fun because I kind of have an idea about what is going on in the classroom.” “Having a revisit buddy was a really rewarding experience, it was great to show them how much I liked Andover and all the great things about the school,” said Tailor Dortona ’12. Bren said, “It has been really fun, I loved revisiting and it’s great to show people how much I like it here from the inside not on the outside.” Both the revisit students and hosts appreciated that the matching process involved kids of the same grade and took the same classes, played the same sports, and shared other common interests. Reichenvach said, “It’s great that my revisit host is a junior and is like me because it allows me to see myself at Andover, and it’s easier to relate to.” Diondra Peck ’13 said, “I’m really excited about getting a revisit kid because it will be fun to show them how great Andover is from my point of view.” Madden Bremer ’12 said, “Even though I was not assigned a revisit kid today it was still fun to meet them and try and make their trip to Andover as best as possible.” Bren said, “Well, I was already committed before my revisit last year, so this year I got the fun challenge of getting to really pitch the school I love to a student still deciding. Many of the 405 newly admitted students have chosen to revisit Andover in order to get a better grasp of the Andover culture and environment.