Shambaugh and Reisinger Pilot First Ever Andover Television Station

The Andover community can now look forward to weekly broadcasts from PA’s first ever television station, Andover Television Station, beginning in the Spring term. Alan Grimm, Faculty Advisor to Andover Television and Teaching Fellow in Theatre and Dance, said, “The new program will be in a format similar to that of Saturday Night Live but will feature different aspects of Andover life as opposed to world events.” “Students can expect to see sketch comedy in a news format, but nothing like Fox News or any major news station,” said Grimm. The station will be student run with Scott Shambaugh ’11 and Will Reisinger ’11 at the helm. Grimm will review the programs prior to airtime. During the first few weeks of broadcasting, Paul Murphy, Dean of Students and Residential Life, will review programs with Grimm. Reisinger said, “Mr. Murphy has the power to shut us down if our content is objectionable. Students will come up with all the material, but for a little while he will monitor the program before it airs to make sure everything is cleared.” Grimm said, “There is a fine line between funny and inappropriate. If [Andover Television] goes beyond the line of good taste, it will be cut. If it is simply funny or sophomoric, then it doesn’t matter and will broadcast without issue.” Once broadcasting begins, students will meet twice a week for filming 20 to 30 minute episodes. “If we aren’t able to complete 30 minute videos each week, we may resort to creating short three to five minute videos more frequently,” said Grimm. Shambaugh and Reisinger have already posted the station’s first video on PAnet, a mock news broadcast with Shambaugh and Reisinger as anchors. Grimm said the organization is still in its “fledgling stages.” “If people are interested, it will take off. After coming to me with their idea, Will and Scott explained they were looking to recruit writers, sportscasters, anchors and other various positions,” said Grimm. The school will supply most of the basic equipment to host the station, such as microphones and cameras. Reisinger said, “To subsidize the cost of any other equipment we may need, we are applying for an Abbot Grant.” Interested students had the opportunity to attend an information session on Thursday night in the Gray Room. Shambaugh said, “We gave an overview of the projects, passed out applications, and encouraged people to give it a try. No one should be afraid to try it out because there is no such thing as a bad idea.” Grim said, “Students who learned about the program and are interested in getting involved will have an opportunity to write some of their first skits over break. Will and Scott need more people to get this up and running. They can’t do it alone.” “Candidates for Andover Television should be articulate and charismatic,” said Reisinger. “When Scott and I put up the first video, we found that it took several takes to get it right so people should be able to learn what they are doing fairly quickly.” Grimm added, “People who can perform, and people who can write are all encouraged to apply. It is important for applicants to realize that this program is not hard news, but it has more edge. It might have similar type anchors or commentators to that of Grasshopper Night. I want it to take on more of that flavor.” The station is also considering broadcasting Student Council reports. Reisinger said, “I had the opportunity to speak with Jackie Lender ’11 [presidential candidate and current upper representative] about the possibility of posting Student Council ‘State of Andover’ addresses sponsored by Andover Television.” Reisinger and Shambaugh both have experience making short films. “I hope that this station becomes an outlet for students’ creative talents,” said Reisinger.