Michael Yoon ’10 Leads Team to Win Over Brooks School

Sweeping his opponent in three games, Michael Yoon ’10 lead the Andover Boys Squash team to a 5-2 victory over a talented Brooks team. At a new, higher sixth seed, Yoon showed his potential against a tough Brooks opponent, winning his first two games 11-9 and 11-7. He finished off his opponent in the third game winning 11-2 as he coasted to 3-0 win. Yoon said, “When we went in to the game, we knew it important, because a win or loss could have determined whether or not we qualify for the A Division Championships at Interschols.” During the past three weeks, the team has only played two matches due to cancellations and a light schedule. This extra time off has allowed more challenge matches and mobility in the ladder. Captain Kyul Rhee ’10 said, “During the extra practice we’ve done some physical conditioning through stair drills and some running. I think the extra rest time allowed us to mentally recap and calm down. Overall, I feel that the experience and training has helped the entire team improve and we expect to perform our best.” The team approached the game against Brooks last Thursday healthy and determined to defeat its cross-town rival. After suffering two early first round losses at the second and third seeds, the team rallied to take the next five games with authority. Nicholas Grace ’10 played a vital role in the win. After losing his first two games Grace rallied and won the next three to win 3-2. The extra rest and endurance training were key factors in Grace’s victory and the team’s strong performance. Coming off this solid performance, the team set its sights forward to its match against Exeter. Exeter’s team is especially strong this year, as most of its team returned this year giving Exeter experience and depth. Exeter boasts an impressive 13-2 record against tough competition and an outgunned Andover lost 1-6 the last time the teams met. Andover hoped to keep things competitive against this squad, so the team did more conditioning training and match play in practice to prepare. However, Exeter’s talent proved to be too deep, and Andover was swept 7-0 at home. Despite the disappointing result, the Andover players still benefited from the match. Aditya Mithal ’10 said, “Andover-Exeter is always a thrilling experience. The atmosphere from the fans and the anticipation is incredible and a great motivation. Even though we lost, it gave us some good practice as we look forward to Interschols.” The team qualified for Division B Interschols this weekend in Salisbury, where it hopes to end the year on a strong note. Mithal said, “Our goal is to win, and we really have a good shot. We just need to execute.”