Divers MacRae ’11 and Johnson ’10 Bright Spots in Exeter Loss

Andover suffered a devastating loss to Exeter on Wednesday that shattered their hopes for an undefeated season. Despite the loss, many swimmers achieved best times. “We are a good team, but today, Exeter was a better one,” said Katie Fanikos ’11. Andover lost to Exeter in the dual meet last year as well, but at Interschols they came back and defeated Exeter by five points. “Exeter had the results of last year’s Interschols up on the wall of the pool deck, a constant reminder for them of how much they wanted to beat us,” said Fanikos. Exeter’s set the tone in the first event, the 200 medley relay. The team placed first and third, establishing the stable lead that would increase throughout the meet. The 200 freestyle highlighted Andover’s strength, as Kristen Faulkner ’11 and Theresa Faller ’11 finished first and third, respectively. “It was a close meet, but the tough competition definitely helped us to earn some season bests. I know every girl swam her heart out, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more,” said Faulkner. Exeter swept the 100 freestyle, even though three Andover swimmers earned either best times or around their best times. “The 100 freestyle was an impressive but scary event. When the top three swimmers in the 100 freestyle are all under 56 seconds, you know you are racing an incredibly fast team,” said Julia Torabi ’12. The diving team provided Andover with a handful of points, as Kendall MacRae ’11 came in first, followed by Emily Johnson ’10 in second and Whitney Glick ’11 in fifth. The 500 freestyle, like the 200 freestyle, revamped Andover spirits and restored confidence. Faulkner won the event, followed closely by Julia Smachlo ’13 in second and Emily Carollo ’13 in fifth. Peyton Morss ’10 said, “The 500 demonstrated Andover’s strength in the distance events. The top Exeter swimmer finished far behind Julia [Torbabi], and she and Kristen [Faulkner] worked together the entire race, finishing one and two.” Andover carried its momentum into the 200 freestyle relay. Andover did not win the relay, but the team finished second and third, with extremely close times. At the end of the meet, Exeter was on top 113-73, the team still swam incredibly well and earned many best times. Next Saturday Andover will travel to Hotchkiss, where the team will face Exeter again at the Interschols Championship.