Campus is Cookin’: Revitalizing Study Snacks

In the midst of the chaotic penu ltimate week and exam week, chugging cheese puffs seems like the only way to refuel. However, a few fresh ingredients and quick combinations can transform snack breaks into relaxing experiences that recharge the mind for studying ahead. Toss those fluorescent cheese puffs for a naturally orange food with a great crunch, baby carrots. Zesty hummus makes a tasty dip for the carrots or for pita chips, which are sold at the Den. The garlic lover or spice fanatic can find hummus in various fun flavors like chili and lemon. Crispy and flavorful, this platter will add some Middle Eastern flair to your chemistry cramming or any other subject desperate for review. The archenemy of instant noodles, dreamy Brie will make exam week feel anything but hassled. A generous wedge, direct from the rolling countryside of Northern France, can be purchased at Whole Foods for under 5 dollars. This mild cheese spreads effortlessly on a slice of fresh bread or some whole-wheat crackers. Bring dried figs back from the organics bar in Commons and combine for a quick yet luxurious treat that will satisfy your hunger and keep you motivated the rest of the evening. To complete this European feast, sample some olives from endless options in the Whole Foods antipasto bar. This indulgent food experience will make it feel like vacation before March break even starts. A childhood classic, ants on a log combines refreshing celery, creamy peanut butter and chewy raisins. To whip up this quick fix in the dorm, fill celery stalks with your favorite type of nut butter and, for a sophisticated twist, replace raisins with tart dried cherries. Warning: these flavor-packed sensations will become addictive. Dried cherries taste great with oatmeal, yogurt or just plain and can be found in the dried fruits sections of many grocery stores. Forget biting into innocent Sour Patch Kids, for these tangy treats are sure to satisfy your sour cravings. Found primarily on Cloud 9, this Strawberries and Cream creation is the real deal. Consider purchasing one tub of Mascarpone cream, a triple cream Italian confection typically used in tiramisu. Strawberries are available at Whole Foods, or sometimes the Den, and lend a sweet and tangy flavor to the rich cream. Whole Foods also has a great selection of berries, so if you’re in the mood to splurge try switching the strawberries for raspberries or blackberries. Sweeten the combination by sprinkling sugar over the mascarpone. Another reason to run to Whole Foods, the Wall of Chocolate, contains nearly every chocolate creation imaginable. And yes, it’s a whole wall. Highlights include the Dagoba chocolate bars that boast exotic flavors like lavender blueberry and chai. At $3.45 they are a bit of an indulgence, but a great pick-me-up between study sessions. Equally, if not more amazing are the Chocolove Chocolate bars at $2.49. The Raspberries in 55% Dark Chocolate bar is particularly delightful. Sure to perk up your exam blues, the chocolate bar is ensconced in a wrapper with an added surprise, a personalized love poem to go with your chocolate. The sugar highs, lows and plateaus that accompany energy drinks can easily be cured by a cup of tea. Chamomile can be more soothing, perfect for the night before a stressful test. With winter chills still lingering, sore throats and dripping noses can run amuck, demanding the perfect antidote of a stimulating Yogi Ginger tea. Just as soothing is the TAZO Refresh, a mint tea found in Commons. Grab a bag of any of these for an aromatic and relaxing experience. If you must seek caffeine, green tea, with its delicate flavor, is a fragrant-favorite. Jasmine tea, a particularly potent brew, gives you the right perk of energy. With fluffy mascarpone cream, strawberries, tangy hummus, carrots and more these snacks will recharge the mind for long nights of studying. Just a dash over to Whole Foods and some help from Commons and the Den will make this review week a relaxing, and delicious, experience.