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Racist Candidate Stirs Up Controversy

Presidential Candidate Gary Fitz ’11 has begun his campaign for election on a controversial note. He appears on various posters wearing a white hood and boasting things like, “Whiter than Connecticut” and “What can White do for you?” Though this Wonder-Bread-white candidate seems to represent a minority view amongst the PA student body, his campaign has garnered support from many students. “I think his posters are really funny,” said Lincoln Howell ’13. “Connecticut is so white!” Fellow candidates are disapproving of Fitz’s straightforward and honest approach, noting the differences in their opinions. “We live in a modern society where everyone’s considered equal. ‘Youth from every quarter,’ people,” said presidential candidate Cindy Carmichael ’11. Fitz’s response was simple: “I don’t give a raccoon’s claw what the other candidates think. I do what I want.” Fitz grew up in southern Missouri, and is a fifth generation Phillipian. His grandfather, Ferdinand Fitz III ’31 was a student body president. When Ferdinand ran on a similar platform, it was much more widely accepted. In fact, he was considered liberal by many classmates. Eighty years later, his grandson’s campaign has come under scrutiny for what the administration describes as “blatantly racist and misogynist” slogans. “Mr. Fitz is going around saying things like ‘I’m whiter than a Siberian winter,’” said Dean of Students Saul Cofee. “His campaign is directed at minority students and candidates who must be offended,” he added. Actually, many are not. “I think it’s OK… I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be white,” said Tony Jia ’12. “I’m just doing my best to run an honest campaign and present my true opinions to the rest of the student body,” said Fitz. Fitz’s campaign strategist has defended him. “This is America, man. Freedom of speech. Why don’t you read up on your First Amendment, ok pal?” he said. “We live in a country where I can allow my candidate to say ‘A vote against Gary is a vote for terrorism.’ And frankly, I’m tired of feeling like the lone white wolf in a multicultural wolf pack.” Regardless of how you feel about Fitz’s views, he certainly has added an interesting dynamic to the election. “This is the most exciting election I’ve seen since I got to PA,” said Dick Thompson ’10. “It’s even more controversial than when Joe [Davis ’08] was caught taking bribes from Model UN and AfLatAm.” “No matter the outcome, one thing is clear: this guy is racist, sexist and he has my vote,” said Jia. Going into the semifinal round of voting, Fitz has gained more supporters through each round according to exit polls, and is now amongst the favorites to win the election.