A “Hipsterfessional” Fashion Sense

Meet this week’s “Look of the Week”: Zach Hobbs, Assistant Director of Community Service. One of the younger faculty members on campus, Hobbs certainly sticks out with his peculiar, hipster style and famous sunglasses. “I am unnaturally attached to my sunglasses. They are startling and I think they might make my colleagues nervous,” said Hobbs. Though Hobbs does not consider himself a fashion icon, he has one of the most original and individual styles on campus. To describe his fashion sense, Hobbs used the word “hipsterfessional,” a quirky mix of hipster and professional. Hobbs clearly expresses his personality through his clothing but also carefully maintains a degree of professionalism for work. Hobbs said, “I’m a friendly hipster with a stronger sense of irony…I think my clothes reflect that.” So how exactly does Hobbs dress? He said, “I put almost no effort at all into what I wear. Were I to put effort in, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I only have one kind of jeans in 5 colors, and I really only own a handful of shirts in a few different colors each. I prefer not owning anything that I can’t wear with anything else. Matching is not a priority, though I try to only own things that match everything.” Does Hobbs have a particularly favorite color to wear? “[Not] in particular … most of my jeans are blue, most of my shirts are not…I was never a fan of the blue on blue thing. I usually try to have some sort of annoying color on, whether it is the teal sunglasses or the red chucks. When dressing up, I think a guy can’t go wrong with a fearless use of pink.” Where does he get his inspiration? “I wish I was more original. Go to any neighborhood full of people my age in any American city, and you will see me everywhere. Plaid shirt, tight jeans and a beard. Having worn plaid and a beard since I was in high school, I’d like to believe I am a trailblazer.” And on top of the effortlessness of Hobbs’s look, his clothes are also comfortable. “I wore exclusively sweatpants and t-shirts until I got to high school and my mom forced me to wear big people clothes. I will never understand or accept clothes that aren’t comfortable enough in which to take an impromptu nap,” he said. Hobbs’s look seems like the perfect compilation—comfort, creativity, and simplicity. Hobbs proves that it’s true that fashion does not require effort. “[I get ready in] as long as it takes to pick jeans up off the floor and button a shirt. Extended only on workdays when some sort of sweater goes on top and perhaps, in a nod to professionalism, I put on a tie. I like a good suit as much as the next guy, but I tend to dress any occasion down. I do love ties, though. But frankly, any occasion is good enough for a tie.” How can you imitate Hobbs’s effortless, hipster style? His favorite stores are J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, and Levi’s. “Levi’s jeans [are] the only real brand-crush that I have.” Hobbs’s fun, colorful style is easily attainable, comfortable, and admirable, though he would never admit it. He said humbly, “I’ve just never really thought of [myself as fashionable] before. You actually have no idea how funny most of my friends would find it that I’m a Look of the Week. I expect it’s all just a trick.”