Scattered Wins Not Enough for Andover

Down two matches in her match against archrival Exeter, Julia Zorthian ’11 finessed a high cross court lob that dropped dead in the corner, winning her a game-changing point. Zorthian completed a phenomenal comeback, winning her last three games, eventually winning 3-2. Despite Zorthian’s great play, Andover could not keep up with Exeter’s deep pool of talent, falling 2-5. June Supapannachart ’11 refereed Zorthian’s game and observed her hard-fought comeback. She said, “She was down two games and came back to win the last three. She hit low hard shots down the line, killed her cross court shots and hustled hard for every ball.” The second Andover win came from Supapannachart. In a long five game match, Supapannachart’s stellar low blistering serve overwhelmed her Exeter opponent. During one crucial rally, she rocketed across the court, surprising her opponent by reaching a tricky drop shot. Supapannachart said, “Even though I was really tired by the last game, I pushed myself to hustle for every shot. She continued, “For the last few points, I wasn’t thinking about the score, but watching her return position. I lobbed it to slow down the pace of the game and tried to catch her off guard.” Catherine Choi ’13, playing at the number eight position, also played a terrific game that lasted a grueling five games. Although she ended up losing, Lee was happy with her performance. She said, “The game was really fun because my opponent was extremely friendly and fair, which made the match enjoyable, yet competitive at the same time.” Coach Tom Hodgson said, “June, Julia and Catherine walked off the court exhausted. They fought for every point and focused completely on each shot. They wanted to win more than their Exeter opponents.” Before the Exeter match up, the team played powerhouse Deerfield on Friday. Deerfield ended up sweeping Andover, the team . On Wednesday, Andover traveled to face off against Groton. Again, the team struggled, losing 9-0. After the match Amanda Howland ’11 said, “I know, I know, it is a bummer to lose like we have these past few games, but I do not want it to let you get down. She continued, “We need to keep practicing as enthusiastically and optimistically as we have all season. There are still plenty of matches ahead for us to win.” Andover will play Middlesex on Saturday and Brooks on Monday, as the team looks to snap a six-game losing streak.