Look of the Week: Jackie Lender ’11

Jackie Lender ’11 positively redefines the simple, classic look of a tee. Accessories give Lender’s outfits a unique finesse that only she can call her own. From a pair of dangly earrings that set off her solid-colored flats to some layering necklaces that complement her sweaters, Lender knows how to show off her choice of style. Her favorite finishing touches include her yellow peacoat from Delia’s and a necklace made of colored cut-glass pendants. Lender also keeps an abundant collection of colorful scarves to brighten up the winter. These little items make her classic style truly distinctive. Lender enjoys looking for one-of-a-kind pieces in nondescript, small stores. She has also collected clothing from around the world, from Europe to Asia. Her wardrobe is a haven for dressy shirts from London and hand-made silver necklaces from Dublin. To do the classic look with a twist, Lender loves to rock her sweaters in bold colors such as canary yellow or royal purple from which others would usually stay away. On a typical day, Lender pairs everything with jeans, especially in cold weather. She admits to being a major jeans fan, never hesitating to match her jeans with timeless dark blazers and pristine t-shirts. However, in the spring, students may do a double take if they catch Lender wearing anything but cute, flowery sun dresses. As for shoes, she adores the simplicity of flats. She said, “You could wear them dressing up or dressing down.” Though Lender does not ordinarily watch fashion shows and only occasionally reads fashion magazines, she has a very keen fashion sense. Her eye for fashion comes from her experience with sewing at a young age. With countless sewing lessons under her belt, Lender is an expert on the very foundation of fashion—fabric. For her, the look of a piece of clothing is less important than the material that it is made of. She laughs, “First I usually fall in love with the fabric, its texture and its rich color, and then I decide on buying it.” Though she is an admirer of the Audrey Hepburn look, Lender would not aspire to wear certain typical Hepburn pieces such as the large, round sunglasses. However, she takes inspiration from the clean-cut look and describes her style as “a very toned-down version of [Hepburn’s].” In the mornings, Lender chooses her outfits depending on the weather forecast. She said, “Usually I open my window and check the weather from there.” There are days when Lender wants to dress up and others when she simply goes with the flow. This day student sometimes looks to her friends for a peek at the latest trends. But Lender usually goes with what feels right to her. Her professional look with creative bits and pieces sets her apart from others.