Athletic Spotlight

Kendall MacRae ’11 This Saturday, Kendall MacRae ’11 dove into the Andover history books, her score of 267 shattering the 1985 record of 251.05 points. MacRae said, “Everything really came down to my last dive. My sisters and a few of my friends were in the stands and had been adding up my score during the meet. After I finished my last dive, I looked up into the stands. After seeing their thumbs up, I knew I had broken the record.” In her two years at Andover, MacRae has solidified her place as the school’s number two all-time diver, second only to Jenny Green, the 1985 record holder. MacRae said, “Diving is all about consistency. This weekend I just tried to pretend like I was diving in a practice. I think the key was that I did not mess up any dive and really nailed my easier dives.” MacRae looks to continue her success this season. She said, “I am just going to keep on trying to dive my best and whatever happens happens. Jenny Green’s score for New Englands was 415 points for 11 dives. Although I scored less than 400 points at New England’s last year, one of my goals for this year’s upcoming New England’s is to score over 400 points.” Jun Oh ’12 When Jun Oh ’12 finished his 200 free on Saturday, he hit the edge of the pool and looked expectantly at the clock. “I just tried to swim the best I could. When I looked up on the time clock, I was really surprised! I didn’t think I’d go as fast as I did,” he said. Oh has been sweeping events for Andover all season, and has big goals and high expectations for the team. He said, “The team is going for the gold year. I believe was can do it. For long term goals, I’m eyeing the 200 free and 200 individual medley record. But it’s going to take a lot of work to get there.” Oh is no stranger to hard work. He said that his favorite thing about swimming is, “The fact that after getting out of a really tough practice, when you know you tried hard, when you know you got better, is the best feeling in the world. And the team. The guys. They are like family. When you know everyone is working hard together, getting better together, the feeling is incredible.”