After 29 Issues, CXXXII Bids Farewell to the Newsroom

Amidst the bitter cold New England winter and widespread Head of School Day speculations, The Phillipian Board CXXXII handed the reins to Board CXXXIII. This issue is CXXXII’s 29th and CXXXIII’s first. Tim Ghosh ’10 will pass over the paper to Julia Zorthian ’11, who will be replacing him as Editor in Chief. Celia Lewis ’10 and Ben Prawdzik ’10, Managing Editors of Board CXXXII and the other two members of Upper Management, will also be stepping down from their positions. Zorthian will be joined by Liam Murphy ’11, Executive Editor; Yerin Pak ’11, News Director and Sophie Gould ’11, Managing Editor. The four comprise Board CXXXIII’s Upper Management. Pak will succeed Juliet Liu ’10, who stood at the helm of the News section as Executive News Editor. With his newly freed time, Ghosh plans “to get huge at the gym.” “I am very confident in Julia’s abilities to take over the paper. She is well respected, a good leader and has very good journalism skills. I’m expecting her to do twice the job that I did in the past year,” said Ghosh. “Learning from CXXXII was more than I could have ever hoped for. Tim has spent hours helping me transition to his position, and I couldn’t have done it alone,” said Zorthian. “I can already feel myself channeling [Ghosh]. I have a newfound passion for ‘emo screamo,’ but I won’t be able to replicate the beard Tim sported at the beginning of the school year,” Zorthian added. “I’m going to catch up on sleep and reading and use my time to think about a couple of projects,” said Lewis. However, Prawdzik’s desires are far simpler. “I want to see my parents again, something I haven’t done,” said Prawdzik, a day student. Prawdzik also plans to “resurrect his social life.” Liu said, “I know that the moment I leave the newsroom, I’m going to miss my News Associates, our late-night attempts at witty banter and our rare but treasured moments on Chat Roulette.” “While Tim is going to get huge at the gym, and Ben and Celia are going to see their parents for the first time in months, I plan on taking a permanent nap,” said Liu. Ghosh agreed, “I think that would be best for everyone.” Lewis is optimistic about Board CXXXIII’s Upper Management. “I love News Associates and since [3/4 of Upper Management is made up of] News Associates, I love Upper Management,” Lewis said. “I love Arts Associates too,” she quickly added. Gould, a former Arts Associate, expressed her terror at being the only member of Upper Management that is not a former News Associate. Though Gould still demonstrated emotional ties to Arts, her former fellow Arts Associate Steve Kim ’11 felt otherwise. “Sophie who?” said Kim. “That girl who ditched us?” Julia Dean ’11 and Alex Salton ’11 will assume the duties of former News Editors Shane Bouchard ’10 and Melissa Yan ’10. “After working as a News Associate, I feel fully prepared to follow in Melissa Yan’s footsteps,” said Salton, referring to Yan’s tireless dedication to the paper. Michelle Ma ’11, Max Block ’12, and Chris Meyer ’11, Commentary Editors, and Charlie Cockburn ’11, Commentary Senior Associate, will take over the section for Sebastian Becker ’10 and Jenn Schaffer ’10. Ma has high hopes for the future of Commentary. “We’re hoping to continue the Commentary tradition of super-soft sweaters,” she said, clad in a yellow cashmere sweater. Former Arts associates Kim and Stephanie Liu ’11 will replace Arts editors Nathalie Sun ’10, Natalie Cheng ’10 and Hannah Lee ’10. Maggie Law ’10, Spencer Macquarrie ’10, and Jack Doyle ’10 will leave the Sports section to Editors Chris Cameron ’11, Ben Ho ’11 and Sarah Onorato ’11, along with Sports Senior Associate Kristen Faulkner ’11. Onorato cites the Board CXXXII Sports Editors as a major influence in her clearly defined vision for the future of Sports. “Spencer’s constant presence in the newsroom inspired us all to achieve greater levels of success,” said Onorato. Jesse Bielasiak ’11 and Ryan Yost ’11 will take over for former Features editors B.J. Garry and Billy Fowkes ’10 and Senior Associates Greg Hanafin ’10 and Benjamin Nichols ’10. Adam Levine ’11, who served as the Photography Director for Board CXXXII, is now the Director of Production. Former Photography Senior Associate Mollie Lee ’10 will leave the section to Former Photo Associates Ben Brodie ’11 and Yuto Watanabe ’11. Courtney King ’10 will be the only Copy Editor leaving the section as Ben Podell ’11 will manage the section for a second year, joined by Caitlin Kingston ’11, former Copy Associate. Kennedy Edmonds ’12, who worked alongside Kingston as a Copy Associate, will serve in the newly created position of Director of Writing. Daniela Pimentel ’11 will take over for Melissa Ferrari ’10 as Cartooning Director and will work in conjunction with Kevin Carey ’11, Cartooning Senior Associate. Audrey McMurtrie ’11 will become the Phillipian’s expert on all fiscal matters, taking over for Andrew Townson ’10 as Business Manager. Scott Cuthell ’11 will serve as Head of Circulation for a second year, flanked by Circulation Staff Jeremy Hutton ’11 and Midori Ishizuka ’11. Tina Su ’11 will succeed John Yang-Sammataro ’10 as Advertising Director. Kevin Song ’11 will replace Raya Stantcheva ’10 as head of the Phillipian Online while John McKenna ’10 will pass over Delivery to Will Walker ’11 and Jordan Bailey ’11. Andrew Gully, Faculty Advisor to The Phillipian, will hand over his position to Susan Greenberg, who will join Nina Scott, Instructor in English and Faculty Advisor to The Phillipian.