Co-Captain McAuliffe ’10 Breaks Record

Co-Captain Conor McAuliffe ’10 tore through the 400 meter freestyle last Saturday, finishing half a pool length ahead of the nearest Loomis competitor and setting a new pool record for Loomis’s home pool. Andover blew Loomis out of the water, winning by an astounding margin of 107-67. Realizing he could break the pool record of 4:13.08, McAuliffe went into this event with a lot of added pressure. He handled the pressure extremely well, setting a new record of 4:12.90, and taking first place in the event, pulling in before Matthew Mahoney ’11. Both finished well over a half pool length ahead of the closest Loomis swimmer. When asked about breaking the record, McAuliffe answered, “It was great. I felt a nice adrenaline rush when I looked up at the scoreboard and realized I had broken it. However, my teammates were part of it too, as their cheering inspired me.” Andover established a lead early in the meet, as the winning 200 medley relay of Conor Deveney ´11, Andrew Wilson ´12, Alex Smachlo ´11, and Alex Nanda ´11 won by a generous margin of 10 seconds with a 1:55.08. Co-captain Curtis Hon ’10 said, “This opening event set the pace for the meet. In each of the events after the medley, we tried to maintain our level of swimming as best we could.” The 200 meter freestyle mirrored the 200 medley, as Mahoney and Jon Leung ´11 won this event with virtually no competition, both winning by margins of at least nine seconds, more than half a pool length, with times of 2:01.68 and 2:05.83 respectively. McAuliffe was pleased to see that the same effort occurred in these individual events, as he said, “We had no difficulty winning any of the events, but the 200 free was especially impressive.” The 200 meter individual medley and 50 meter freestyle were no exception to this streak of great events, as Hon and Smachlo both finished half a pool length ahead of the closest Loomis swimmer in the Individual Medley, while Will Falk-Wallace ´10, Austen Novis ´11, and Didi Peng ´11 routed Loomis with a 1-2-3 finish respectively in the 50 freestyle. Falk-Wallace´s winning time of 25.92 beat the closest Loomis swimmer by a relatively large margin of 1.48 seconds. In the Diving competition, Tommy Kramer ´11 led Andover diving with a score of 172, while Manwei Chan ´11 pulled in second place with a score of 112.3. After the diving break, Andover picked up right where it had left off. In the 100 butterfly, Lorenzo Conte ´12 dominated the Loomis competition with a time of 1:05.28, finishing over a full body length before the closest Loomis swimmer. Using the energy created from McAuliffe´s record swim, Andover went on to win each of the last events, with Hon, Falk-Wallace, Deveney and Calvin Aubrey ´12 taking the win in the 200 meter freestyle relay with a six second lead over Loomis, and Ben Morris taking the 100 meter backstroke with a 10 second win over the closest Loomis competitor. Hon pulled off a 12 second victory in the 100-meter breaststroke, winning by over half a pool length against the fastest Loomis swimmer. Andover won the last event by an astonishing 18 seconds, a full pool length. This sealed the deal for Andover, wrapping up another great meet for the team. Austen Novis ’11 said, “With Conor’s record swim and great efforts from everyone else, including the significant margins we won each event by, this should stand out as one of the best meets this season.” The team looks forward to a home meet against NMH this weekend.