Track Relies on Experience of Strong Senior Core in All Events

Andover Track will look to the versatility of Peter Hetzler ’10, and the veteran experience of Co-Captains Michael Ma ’10 and Colleen Flanagan ’10 this winter in a quest for an undefeated record. Coach Farrell has high expectations for this year’s indoor track season, saying, “We’d like to go undefeated including beating Exeter in both the JV and Varsity contests.” With strong senior leaders in almost all events, and promising underclassmen, Andover seems poised to attain its goal. Ma, Peter Hetzler ’10, Matt Higgins ’10, Ram Narayan ’10, Greg Hanafin ’10 and Dave Knapp ’10 look to earn points for the team in sprinting events, while Phil Hofer ’10 and Zack Boyd ’10 will lead in distance and throws, respectively. Co-Captain Colleen Flanagan ‘10 will lead the girl’s team in mid-distance sprints. Ma said, “The Seniors are all experienced, strong athletes [who] can really bring our team to a whole new level this season through guidance and example by action. They know their events well, and that should rub off on the new guys.” Hetzler will anchor the team in the 300-yard, hurdles, and potentially a few additional events. Boyd looks to build on a strong performance last season, when he earned several top finishes in the shotput.” These seniors are supplemented by talented underclassmen, with Chris Cameron ’11, Brandon Wright ’11, Khalil Flemming ’12, and Joe Kruy ’12 in sprints. Kruy currently holds the ninth grade record for the 300-yard sprint at 7.14 seconds. He also finished first in the hurdles in nearly every meet last year. Kruy and Wright also contribute in long jump, along with James Lim ’11. Ma said, “These guys have great potential to lead in their respective events, and will contribute greatly to the depth of our team and earn us some of those supporting meet points for wins. You can’t win meets with senior leaders alone; we rely on these guys for that critical depth that ultimately leads to our team wins.” For the girls, Flanagan and Zahra Baiwhala ’10 will be key veteran sprinters, while Maggie Law ’10 will compete in the long jump for the squad. In addition to sprinting, Flanagan will also be the team’s number one pole-vaulter for the girls’ team. Andover’s greatest challenge this year will be facing Andover High, whom the team has not beaten in two years. Ma cites more training, longer practices and greater depth as advantages that Andover High has over Andover, but he is confident that the team has “strong enough leaders to make-up that initial advantage.” Coach Farrell said, “We have a number of returning athletes with experience and talent covering all the events. This should help us attain our goals.” The team’s first meet is next Wednesday when it will face Governor’s Academy, Hyde, and Wilbraham & Monson Academy.