Look of the Week: Gabbie Cirelli ’12

Sassy and classy are two words that instantly come to mind when one thinks of the impeccable style of Gabbie Cirelli ’12. Stunner Cirelli has an amazing taste in clothes and an equally amazing eye for creating cute yet realistic outfits each day. Cirelli chooses clothes that certainly make her stand out as a fashionable student, and her ensembles are extremely practical. Cirelli hits the perfect medium between not trying at all and trying way too hard. Believe it or not, Cirelli gets most of her inspiration from her mother, Ava Cirelli. “I wear a lot of her clothes. It’s funny because I used to think that she had terrible style, but stuff that I used to think of as weird looking and ugly, I wear. In fact, my favorite leather, very 70’s inspired belt comes from her closet. It goes with everythingI stole it from her. Don’t tell her!” Cirelli also credits fellow ‘FacBrats’ Hannah Bardo ’10 and Haley Scott ’11 for giving her great ideas and clothes to create some of her favorite outfits. So one has to wonder, where does Gabbie get the rest of her incredible wardrobe? The answer: she shops every clearance racks as well as great thrift stores. When Cirelli is not perusing for great sales she goes to one of her two favorite stores, Zara. “Zara is amazing. They’re an Italian store that just came to the US. They have really classy yet sophisticated clothes that aren’t extremely expensive. And Forever 21, I mean who isn’t a fan?” Cirelli is also a frequent customer at H&M. She loves not only their great deals, but also their stylish pieces. One of her favorite tops was purchased at H&M. She said, “[The shirt] is pink and off the shoulder. I love it because it looks great with jeans, which is always a plus, and it is very comfortable.” One aspect of Cirelli’s fashion that makes her style practical is that she wears jeans almost everyday. One privilege that Andover students share is the ability to wear jeans to class. Cirelli is lucky in that she can take advantage of the lack of dress code while indulging in her love of jeans. This jean fanatic owns 17 pairs of jeans and puts them to good use.  One aspect of Cirelli’s style that enables her to stand out is her quirky bracelets. Every day, Cirelli sports a full sleeve of sentimental bracelets. “Each bracelet has a value to me. They were all given or made for me, on separate occasions by my family and friends. I also like the jingle they make!” Cirelli’s outfits give off a vibe of gorgeous effortlessness, but do not let that deceive you. Cirelli’s masterpieces take lots of time each morning to perfect. “I used to pick my outfits out the night before, but then I would always change it in the morning so it was pointless. It takes me a good two or three tries to get my outfits just right.” Whether it’s her precious outfit, perfectly coiffed hair, or stunning looks, it is hard not to notice Cirelli.