Fuddruckers Offers Delivery Option to PA, Adds to List of Local Restaurants That Provide Students with Alternatives to Commons

Hungry PA students have one more option for take-out: Fuddruckers. The local Fuddruckers in North Andover has recently started delivering to the local area. Fuddruckers, an international hamburger chain, claims to have the “World’s Best Burger.” Manager of Fuddruckers North Andover Haley Davies said that Fuddruckers hopes to increase profits and popularity through the new delivery service. “We’re not one of the busiest Fuddruckers, so delivering is a good way to increase profits and get our name out there,” she said. According to Davies, Fuddruckers has started to deliver after requests from costumers. “Our Fuddruckers has done well, but we’ve gotten requests from customers to start a delivery service. When we were given the chance to start something new, we decided to start delivering.” Phillips Academy students have already taken advantage of the new delivery service. “So far, we’ve had a lot of orders from Phillips [Academy],” said Davies. According to the managers of Golden Chopsticks, Spinners and King Subs, the majority of their deliveries consist of orders from PA students. “Decent portions of the deliveries we make are from Phillips,” said the manager of King Subs. Students seem to enjoy the new take-out option. Brandon Sneider ’12 said, “After craving one of Fuddruckers’ one pound Bacon Cheeseburgers, I checked their site, and discovered that they are now delivering.” After ordering from Fuddruckers for the first time, Will Falk-Wallace ’10 said, “After four years of having the same options to order from, it was nice to try something different.” Will Poss ’12 said, “Once I found out from my brother that Fuddruckers delivers now, I tried their food as soon as I could.” Andover’s policy on restricting students from receiving deliveries thirty minutes before final sign-in presents problems for the restaurants. Manager of Golden Chopsticks Jenny Zhang said, “The school restrictions on deliveries effects our delivery business. We get a lot of our orders fairly late at night, and we can’t always deliver them.” Paul Murphy, Dean of Students and Residential Life, said that Andover is one of the few boarding schools to allow students to receive deliveries during study hours. “I have no problem with students ordering in,” said Murphy. “Kids in high school sometimes need an extra meal.” According to Murphy, fourth meal is available in dormitories for students who do not want to pay for an extra meal can still eat. “It’s not the healthiest thing for students to make a habit of ordering in,” said Aggie Kip, School Nutritionist and Dietitian. “Fourth meal should be refined to the student’s likes. That way students won’t need to order in and spend their money, especially for students who don’t have pocket money for ordering,” said Kip. For some students, food prices are a big factor in choosing one eatery over another. Dan Larson ’11, who orders in at least once a week, said, “I usually order whatever is cheap, like Golden Chopsticks or Kings [Subs].” Larson said he orders because he “noticed a decline in the quality of food at Commons.” Henry Zhu ’12 also likes to order in from Golden Chopsticks because of its relatively reasonable prices. Zhu said, “I probably order in once a week because I’m still hungry during study hours.” “Nutritionally, teenagers need a variety of foods. It’s better when the food isn’t deep fried, but in moderation, [food that is ordered in] isn’t terrible,” said Kip. According to Kip, “If students are ordering in instead of [eating a full] dinner, then that’s not good because dinner is important for Andover students.” Tasha Hawthorne, Instructor in English and House Counselor of Paul Revere, said, “From what I’ve seen, the girls in my dorm order things that seem to be a little more health conscious compared to what boys order. For example, the girls will order sushi from Yama or Mootone.” Zary Peretz ’11 said she doesn’t order in very often. “I don’t usually order in more than twice or three times per term,” said Peretz. She added that she “would only order in if it was disgusting outside and [didn’t] want to walk to Commons.” “The dorm does a pretty good job of dealing with the ordering. We’ve never had many issues with students ordering in,” said Matt Lisa, Instructor in Math and House Counselor of Stuart. “Food delivery is not an exact science, food will always be delivered a little late, but it’s not a big deal,” said Lisa. “Ordering in only becomes an issue when students are constantly ordering and it disturbs their studying.” “I was pleasantly surprised by what the Den offers and by the Commons service,” said Hawthorne. “I plan on using Commons for dorm munches more.” The Den no longer delivers food to PA students due to budget cuts, according to Alexandra Carr, Manager of Retail Operations for the Den. However, the Den is sometimes more available to students as it stays open fifteen minutes past the cutoff time for out of school restaurant deliveries.