Overblown and Overrated

Seriously, Sadie Hawkins isn’t even a real person. She’s a little black and white comic strip character from 1937. I don’t know about you guys but that gives me yet another reason to hate Sadie. The “girls ask the guys” concept is not even a tribute to a cool feminist like Edith Wharton or Virginia Woolf. Instead, we are actually commemorating a fictional spinster who was so desperately in need of a husband that her father called together all the eligible men in town for a foot race, with matrimony as the prize. The unfortunate bachelor who was caught by Sadie would have to marry her. This little character has been the cause of much distress for me in the past week. It seems like yesterday when Sadie Hawkins was more than a month away. It was just a little red dot on my calendar, floating idly in the future. And now it’s only a week away. We all know how quickly time goes by when we desperately want it to stay still. It’s like the free period before a chemistry test. There’s plenty of time, right? But by the end of that period you’ve only managed to eat a bagel and doodle on the corners of your notebook. Sadie is definitely fast approaching. All the conversations going on around me seem to center on: “Did you ask him?” “Who are you going to Sadie with?” or, best of all, “So-and-so is going with so-and-so? No way! I thought he was totally going with so-and-so.” For those of you who are feeling secure as you read this, having already mustered the courage to ask someone, I both admire and envy you. But is it crazy of me to expect some of you to relate to this? Am I really the only person who doesn’t have any clue who they want to ask? Personally, I find that these days the very mention of the word Sadie makes me turn a shade greener than is healthy or normal. I suppose Sadie Hawkins is a female empowering rite and I shouldn’t be complaining but having the guys ask the girls is one of those tired old traditions that we secretly miss sometimes. It’s like guys holding the door open for you. I can hold the door open just fine by myself, thanks very much, but I won’t pretend it’s not a pleasant little surprise every time someone goes out of their way to open the door for me. So what am I saying here? I’m not going to give out false advice on asking someone to Sadie Hawkins. And yet I do not recommend that you choose to spend the night with Misters Ben and Jerry, mouthing along to Alicia Silverstone as you watch Clueless. Just because everyone is making Sadie a big deal doesn’t mean it is. The next time you feel intimidated by the words “Sadie Hawkins” just Google pictures of her and you will see that Sadie is, in fact, just a rather—how should I put this nicely—homely cartoon character. There’s nothing to be scared of. Sadie is here to make us girls feel empowered and to provide a bit of entertainment, and perhaps even anxiety, for the boys. Instead, it’s turning into a confusing, nerve-wracking experience for so many. As a matter of fact it seems like a very strategic game that should be called “get them before they’re all gone.” Whether you end up going with a date, with a friend, alone or not at all, do it because that’s what you want to do and not because the thousand whispered voices told you to do. That being said, does anyone want to go to Sadie with me? I really need a date. Tia Baheri is a two-year Lower from Plano, TX.