Andover Earns Decisive Victory Over Powerhouse Worcester

Andover lost a heartbreaker last Saturday at Deerfield, letting in the game-winning goal with just 27 seconds remaining in the game. Andover got out to a quick lead in the first half and controlled the game early. Peter Lee-Kramer ’11 put Andover on the scoreboard with his first goal of the season 15 minutes into the first half. Not more than 15 minutes later, Co-Captain Garnet Hathaway ’10 was fouled inside the 18 yard box, and Andover was awarded a penalty kick. Coach Carr chose Jake Rowher ’11 to take the kick, and his choice paid off as Rowher buried it into the back of the net. With about ten minutes left in the first half, Andover got a bit of a lucky break. Conor Hickey ’11 sent a curving cross in front of the net, where a Deerfield player hit it by his own goalie into the net. Deerfield did answer with a goal of its own however, and the game went into halftime with Andover leading 3-1. As well as Andover played in the first half, the team did not find that same success in the second half. Deerfield got right back in the mix, scoring two goals early in the half that tied the game at three. After the equalizer, Andover had some problems on the field. “Our team was getting caught up the field a bit because we were looking to take the lead,” Co-Captain Mike DiFronzo said. Andover’s anxiousness to score left a pretty big gap between the mid-field and backs. “They were winning the ball in the middle of the field and they attacked us,” Coach Steve Carr said. Andover held on for nearly twenty five minutes, to trying to at lest preserve the tie, but could not hold on long enough. Again, Deerfield won the ball in the middle and began to attack down the left side. Myles O’Neil ’11 appeared to be in position to make the tackle, but when he slid in, the ball popped loose, and the Deerfield mid-fielder recovered and sent a low cross to the front post. A Deerfield forward was able to beat both Andover center backs as well as keeper Spencer Macquarrie ’10 to the ball, and snuck it in for the game clincher. Coach Carr noted that it was not Andover’s best game at all, but Deerfield also deserved some credit. “We didn’t play great, but they play a high pressure, fast paced game and were relentless in their attack. It made it tough for us to play good soccer,” said Carr. Andover took it back home this past Wednesday for an impressive 3-1 victory over a very physical Worcester Academy team. Andover started out quickly scoring the first goal of the game, but Worcester came back early with a goal of its own. The last 20 minutes of the half were fairly uneventful as the ball stayed towards midfield. With just five minutes left in the half, Andrew Woonton ’11 played the ball into the box to Tebs Maqubela ’11. Maqubela then made a great pass through traffic to Hathaway who was cutting towards the net. Hathaway snuck it by the keeper and. The half ended with Andover up 2-1. Even after its collapse against Deerfield, Andover came out surprisingly flat to start the second half as Worcester attacked hard and had three consecutive corners just one minute into the half. Andover got it together quickly though, and 14 minutes later, Hathaway beat three defenders by himself and netted his second goal of the game. This time, Andover was able to maintain its lead and hung on for the 3-1 win.