Andover Earns Two Victories With Late Scoring Surges

Late in the second half against Middlesex, Eliza Flynn ’10 sent a shot just out of the reach of the opposing goalie to break a 1-1 tie. Andover was at full strength against St. Paul’s on the home turf Saturday afternoon, with all members of the Andover team present after battling illness and injury last week. The score remained tied at 0 throughout the first half, despite Andover’s constant pressure on the St. Paul’s defense. “We had a lot of opportunities to score and it was frustrating when we didn’t follow through,” said Kellie Walsh ’11. Walsh admitted that some of the inability to finish play was because she and Kyleigh Keating ’10 both moved from their usual defensive positions to play forward. “Coach told us to not get flustered, and that once we get one goal the rest will come easily,” said Walsh. The team regrouped, and came out with a three goal explosion in the second half. The team exhibited its hustle and determination until the very end of the game. Even with a two-goal lead, Andover raced to score its final goal with seven seconds remaining on the clock. “Sometimes it is just an inch here or there that makes a difference, and the girls’ patience and determination enabled them to play well in the second half,” said Coach Dolan. Andover continued this play and emerged firing on all cylinders against Middlesex. Within the opening two minutes of the game, Mari Walsh ’11 bolted down the field and fired a shot past the Middlesex goalie, earning an early lead. But Middlesex scored with roughly fifteen minutes to play. Andover refused to come out of the game with a tie. “Even after Middlesex tied it up,” said Walsh, “the team stayed calm and composed.” Andover quickly responded when Eliza Flynn, ’10, sprinted down the field with the ball and scored the game-winning goal. With Goalkeeper Shannon McSweeney ’11 out with a concussion, Kate Weiner ’11 played a stellar game in net, demonstrating that Andover’s great depth at every position. Even with an undefeated 7-0-1 record, the team knows there is still work to be done. Communication is Andover’s main focus at this point in the season, Sweeney said. She said, “Coach Dolan always says we can never talk too much and we can never run too much.” Sweeney said, “Communication comes with time, chemistry, and practice, but Andover’s communication is definitely getting there.” With a strong track record thus far, the team looks forward to next Saturday’s game against Nobles. Both Andover and Nobles will enter the game with undefeated records.