Peter Yang ’10 Soulful Songbird

If you have any questions about singing at Andover, Peter Yang ’10 has the answers. As an accomplished pianist, a lead in this term’s musical Tommy, a member of Fidelio, the Yorkies and Chorus, Yang knows a whole lot about music. His falsetto voice can reach all the way up to a C5. That’s higher than most females can sing. (Alas, he is not in Azure!) Yang revealed all this and more in an interview with Phillipian Arts. Q. How did you get involved with music? A. Before coming to Andover, I’d never done any formal singing. I just did two musicals at my old school and sang along to CD’s in the car. When I was a new Lower, I was determined to be in the Yorkies. I tried out, but nerves got to me and I failed at the audition. I didn’t even know about Fidelio, but I became really committed to Gospel Choir. It wasn’t until my Upper year that I got into Fidelio and the Yorkies. Now I’m also involved in Chorus, and I’m playing Captain Walker in Tommy this term. Tommy is going to be absolutely huge. It’s probably the biggest collaboration Andover’s ever done, between the music, choreography and tech. Q. What music dominates your iPod? A. There’s more Asian pop music than anything else. It used to be mostly musicals but not so much anymore. Since I’ve been in Fidelio and Yorkies, I’ve also listened to a lot of classical music and popular songs. Q. Why do you like music? A. Singing is something you can do anywhere. It’s just fun. I guess I use it to express myself too. I usually burst out in song when I’m happy or hum something slow when I’m sad. Q. Do you want to continue with music after Andover? A. One of my ambitions is to become an Asian pop star. I definitely want to go to college, but after that, I would love to have a pop vocal career in Taiwan, like Hwang Li-Hong, an American -born singer who is literally my idol. If I could perform with or meet any artist, it would have to be him. Q. How has music influenced your life? A. I’d be so different without music, mainly because of all the groups I’m part of like the Yorkies and Fidelio. I’m much more outgoing now because of all the performing I’ve done at concerts and different festivals. I’m more comfortable on stage, and I have so much more confidence. Now, I just want to go out and sing! Q. What advice would you give to aspiring singers at Andover? A. Definitely just go out there and try out for everything. The best thing to do is to get in the scene. Of course you’re nervous. It’s common to have anxiety, but if you don’t try out for groups, you’re guaranteed not to get in. Even if you don’t make the groups, there are so many opportunities out there with Chorus, Gospel Choir and the coffeehouses. Just have fun and enjoy the rush of performing.