Look of the Week: Hector Kilgoe ’11

Hector Kilgoe ’11 is quite the unique individual, to say the least. The Co-Head of Alianza Latina and the Af-Lat-Am Mentoring Program, a senior board member of CAFÉ, one of two male dancers in the Andover Dance Group and an all-around happy guy, Kilgoe rocks a look like no other. Kilgoe joked, “My look is like a MasterCard commercial. It’s priceless.” Each piece in Kilgoe’s closet represents a phase or story in his life. Take, for example, his cowboy-like hat. “I went to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to help rebuild,” said Kilgoe. “I bought a hat because I was told that poisonous caterpillars fall from the trees. And I didn’t want them to fall on me.” He then clarified, “It’s not a cowboy hat. It’s a cowman hat.” Kilgoe’s black jacket is a souvenir from his previous high school, where he was a commander for the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program. His jacket proudly displays flashy, golden-bronze medals and multicolored ribbons. “My job was to make sure no one else in the program did anything stupid. I walked around with a small ruler to make sure that everyone had the proper measurements on their uniform,” said Kilgoe. “Your ribbons had to be a quarter-on-an-inch higher than your pocket, and your stars had to be a quarter of an inch above your ribbons.” Kilgoe said, “I have various ribbons for various achievements, like being a drill-team commander and getting the honor-roll. I have three medals because I was the best at what I did…Which was basically yelling at people.” The golden-rope attached to Kilgoe’s right shoulder indicates his position as “Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer” for the training program. Perhaps the most striking part of Kilgoe’s look is his shoes. With extremely pointed, shiny and metallic ends, they could resemble cowboy boots, “except they aren’t boots.” When asked why he chose this particular footwear, Kilgoe stared and said, “Have you seen these shoes?” Kilgoe added, “I always wear those kinds of shoes…And those are just the nicest ones. They’re beautiful…When I bought them, I thought they were blue, and I was trying to match with the Andover style.” Kilgoe said, “I might need the metal [on the ends of the shoes] for protection…I’m not a violent person, but just in case something crazy happens downtown, I might need them…If you know what I mean,” he said, laughing. I finally asked him what inspired his look, but he said with passion in his voice, “I’m my own man. Nothing inspires me.” But he then turned around and smiled, “Except this green bracelet…It’s just so wonderful!”