Jackie Wallace

Jackie Wallace ’10, recipient of last year’s Lorant Fellowship, reflected on three lessons she learned over the summer at Wednesday’s All-School Meeting. The Lorant Fellowship is an award that acknowledges students “who, through sheer determination and effort, have demonstrated the desire to succeed,” according to the Andover website. Faculty and student peers nominate certain Uppers each year for the fellowship and then a selection committee comprised of faculty members chooses the recipient. Wallace said, “I was definitely surprised when I first found out. It was completely out of the blue for me.” Recipients of the Lorant Fellowship receive a funded trip to a foreign country. Wallace used the grant to travel to Chile over the summer, where she lived for six weeks with a host family. While in Chile, Wallace spent time working with Acercando Salud, an organization of doctors and medical students that aims to promote awareness of the Chilean healthcare system and the general health of Chilean communities. Acerand Salud specifically targets areas that do not have easy access to medical treatment. “I worked with [the doctors and medical students] and was able to shadow them in different clinics and hospitals so that I could get a different perspective of the medical world, since I’m interested in studying public health and understanding the dynamics of giving humanitarian aid,” said Wallace. During her time in Chile, Wallace also learned that making plans requires spontaneity and “[one] should expect [arrangements] to not go as planned and embrace the new experience.” The Lorant Fellowship is awarded to students who are eager to succeed, but Wallace believes this success is not easily defined. “[Success] means something different to everyone,” she said. “The whole fellowship is not so much about the ‘achievement,’ like getting the highest grade,” she said. Wallace interprets success at Andover as “making the most of the talents that you have and the incredible opportunities in front of you.” True to her word, Wallace participates in many extracurricular activities at Andover. She is a Discipline Committee Representative for Pine Knoll Cluster, a board member of CAFÉ (Community Awareness for Everyone), a mentor for incoming black and Latino students for Af-Lat-Am, a peer tutor and a “very devoted” participant of ARC, a community service organization. Wallace said that she believes experiences like these motivate her to work harder.