Look of the Week Marilyn Harris ’11

It is always refreshing to discover individuals who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and find confidence in their own styles. Marilyn Harris ’11 is the perfect example of such a person. Eccentric items such as rich plum corduroy skinny jeans, rhinestone cat-eye sunglasses, neon flower headbands, a bottle-cap necklace, black vinyl newsboy caps and multicolored Adidas high tops do not seem as if they would go well together, but Harris is able to make everything work. “I can pull off a lot of different, sometimes outrageous, things, and I think that it has a lot to do with feeling comfortable in my own skin,” Harris said. Harris’s sense of style took an unexpected turn during a shopping trip with her aunt just before Harris came to PA. She found herself buying clothes that suited her personality and flair for fashion. “I made a conscious effort from then on to dress in a way that was uniquely my own, [in] clothes that made me look good,” Harris said. Now, Harris enjoys raiding her aunt’s closet for unique clothing items such as a favorite paisley silk shirt, and the lacy, scarlet dress Harris wore for the Sadie Hawkins dance last year. She shops at Forever 21, Marshalls, Ross and various consignment and thrift stores, looking for fun finds and noteworthy t-shirts, which she sometimes cuts up and redesigns. With one quick glance at Harris, the first thing you will notice is the use of eye-popping color in her outfits. She said that around two to three times a day someone mentions that she is colorful or color-coordinated. Her favorite colors to wear are shades of deep blue, saturated pinks and vivid purples. The most unique aspect of Harris’s style is that she sometimes dresses based on theme. One day she’ll dress like a schoolgirl, the next like an 80’s rocker. If she is having an AC/DC or Joan Jett kind of day, she opts for an acid-washed jean skirt and spandex. If it’s a KT Turnstall or Ida Maria day, she chooses a patterned scarf and a reserved dress. Her themed outfits are just more proof that her style “is very quirky, crazy and funky”. Harris’s inspirations for these theme days come mostly from previous fashion eras such as the 70’s and 80’s, but her family’s trip to Santa Fe has also influenced her style recently. “The vivid colors, the richness of the music and architecture [in Santa Fe] are all things I like to draw on when coordinating my outfits,” Harris said. Fun, offbeat and completely original, Harris’s style carries an aura of confidence and mirrors her outgoing and bold character. Harris successfully conveys her assertive character and colorful imagination through her clothing.