Look of the Week: Juli Brandano ’12

Zingy eccentricities come immediately to mind when one thinks of Lower Juli Brandano’s clothing style. Each day, Brandano exhibits her distinct fashion sense through a litany of ideas and trends. And she certainly considers daily outfits as opportunities to express her creativity. A single look at Brandano, and one will easily recognize her zest for life. Brandano said, “Fashion is great because it always changes, and I’m really impatient. It will always interest me.” With iconic staple items such as her classic flannel shirts, Brandano always stands out to people as a fashionable person who manages to to retain a sense of individuality. Brandano’s true talent, however, is her ability to pair everyday clothes with completely eclectic articles and make them work. To a simple day-to-day look she adds killer leather boots, maybe throws in a zany necklace, and voila! she has created a head turning outfit. According to Brandano, her eye for fashion comes from paying attention to external sources. “I’m really inspired by people that make their own clothes. Also, I read a ridiculous amount of fashion magazines,” Brandano said. “I am a religious watcher of What Not To Wear and I learned almost everything I know from Stacy and Clinton. [laughs] Not a joke. Also, Tim Gunn [from Project Runway] knows his [stuff]!” One has to ask the question, where does Brandano get all her quirky clothes and accessories? The burgeoning fashionista adores vintage clothing so she frequents local thrift stores. She also finds herself constantly raiding her mother and grandmother’s closets for unconventional yet stylish pieces to add to her multifaceted wardrobe. “My grandmother actually gave me a lot of clothes that are great, like my leather boots. My favorite things that I own are a sandals bracelet and a scarf that were both hers,” said Brandano. Moreover, Brandano has an aptitude for altering and constructing her own clothing. She often wears jeans that she bleached herself to give them a distinct and unusual flare. In addition, Brandano frequently wears her lucky necklace, which she made from scratch. The necklace was constructed from a faux bull’s skeleton and contains varying-shaped beads. All in all, Brandano’s ability to make herself and her style known within a community of over 1,000 people certainly shows her vivacious spirit and incomparable style.