Kreider ’10 Drafted 19th

On June 26, the New York Rangers selected Chris Kreider ’10 with the 19th overall pick of the draft on the national broadcast of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. Kreider starred on the Andover Varsity hockey team for two seasons after matriculating at Andover in the fall of 2007. He made a verbal commitment in August of 2008 to attend Boston College in the fall of 2010 after a brilliant rookie season for Andover. Kreider lit up the scoreboard and attracted scouts across the nation with 33 goals, the highest in the New England Prep School Hockey League, during his Upper year at Andover. Many teams across the nation consider him the best prep school hockey player in America because of his size, lighting-quick skating speed and his ability to put the puck in the net. Kreider said, “The whole [draft experience] was like a dream. It was surreal. Some other players were getting nervous about where they were going, but I just felt I was lucky to be there.” Due to his domination at the prep school level, scouts wanted to see him play at a higher level, such as one of the US Junior Hockey Leagues. If he decided to play in such a league, he could not have played hockey for Andover in 2009-2010, and possibly could not have come back to Andover at all in 2009. “Some scouts and experts put a little pressure on me to play at a different level. I just didn’t want to sacrifice my time at Andover to make that switch,” Kreider said. In one conversation Kreider had with the BC coaches, they told him that he could skip a year of high school and start early at BC because he repeated his lower year. This opportunity was one that Kreider said he could not pass up, so he made the decision to forgo his Senior year to attend Boston College as a freshman in the class of 2013. Just as the 2008-2009 school year came to a close, Kreider showcased his incredible athleticism and talent at the NHL Draft Combine in Toronto. After impressive performances both on and off the ice, the forward had meetings with all 30 NHL teams. Almost exactly a month later, he was on national television. Standing on center stage at the Bell Center in Montreal, Kreider proudly displayed his new Rangers jersey and shook hands with Rangers official Gordie Clark. The NHL Entry Draft allows the team to retain the rights to a player until after his college career is over, so Kreider is still allowed to attend BC even though he was drafted by New York. After a summer full of hockey games and rookie camps, Kreider began his career as an Eagle in August. His roommate, Brooks Dyroff ’09, is the former Captain of the Andover Hockey team and will be joining Kreider on the ice at BC this year.