Ultimate Ends Season With Dominating Victory Over AHS

Andover Ultimate played its final game last Friday, under the lights at Andover High School. Despite having already beaten Andover High School 11-4 in the previous Andover Invitational, the Ultimate team knew they were in for a tough game. The score was still tied after the first couple minutes of the game, but PA was clearly dominating its crosstown rival. Eventually, Andover’s strong offense lived up to its potential, earning Andover an 8-2 lead. Jordan Bach-Lombardo ’09 scored six points that game with the help of Josh Feng ’10, Turner Shaw ’11 and Duncan Crystal ’10 who also pitched in a couple points. PA was successful against Andover High because of its defense and sheer intimidation. Brandon Wong ’12 and Lucas Cristopherson ’12 ran hard in the cup, with Alec Weiss ’11 playing a smart deep position by preventing Andover High from gaining momentum. Joe Liotta ’10 and Rob Stevens ’10 dominated deep in PA’s defensive zone with their towering height. Off of Andover High’s turnovers, the Ultimate team posed a threat and converted them into crucial points. Alex Choi ’09 made dazzling cuts and played his best game of the season in front of a packed crowd. After the second half, Andover High toned down its intensity considerably, making it easy for Andover to gain a significant lead over its opposition. Instead of playing down to its opponent’s level, Andover picked up the pace of play and ended up winning 13-2 off of the soft cap. Andover ended the season with a record of 15-2, which was a surprising outcome due to the number of new players. Friday night was an end to a brilliant and successful season.