Andover Night Live Under The Bed Style

Phillips Academy’s improv troupe Under The Bed put on their first sketch comedy show this weekend. UTB performed Andover Night Live, modeled on Saturday Night Live, in Kemper Auditorium last Saturday night. “It was different being scripted. It was kind of more a pressure to be funny. When we’re doing improv there’s a little bit of sympathy,” said UTB member Andrew Schlager ’12. But the team did not fail to impress and they left a packed Kemper delighted with the performance. The show included a mix of sketch comedy acts and video shorts with student band, Marshawn, playing short sets in between skits. Marshawn was the perfect accompaniment for the night and attracted as much attention as the UTB themselves. “We wanted a band that would fit and keep the energy up,” Grober said. The night started off with a mock staff meeting with the actors impersonating school figures and trying to think of solutions for the school’s financial crisis. Barbara Chase, played by Schlager in a blond wig, started off the meeting with “a citation preceded by an excerpt preceded by a quote” and opened up a discussion on the financial crisis by referencing the popular song, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”. “We no longer have any money but we still have a lot of problems,” quipped Schlager. Ideas from the “faculty” included terminating the English department and closing Commons to end the trend of grind dancing. The skit was a great way to begin the night and a reminder of what makes UTB so great. “[Coming up with sketches] was really unofficial. We sort of hung around in a circle and bantered off jokes to each other until one stuck,” said Sara Alban ’10. Some of the sketches played on the common bond of PA life: A short video mocked the new “FML” trend, giving a PA version of life crises: “I didn’t get a Phillipian in the mail today. FML.” Or “I got an 89 on my math test. FML.” The Andover News Report saw Thor Shannon ’09 and Eli Grober ’09 give comedic takes on a mix of on-campus and off-campus news. Other sketches were situated in puzzling and bizarre situation. One sketch was about a man returning from rehab to find that “prostitute” now means “doctor” and “polio” means “get remarried.” The memorable final skit featured Schlager playing an eccentric ranger running a sham ranger training session. Proceeds from the night went to the Theatre Troupe project that takes place on campus. “The idea popped up winter term,” said Grober. “Almost immediately we had the idea to do it towards a charity.” The night brought some 200 students to the event and tickets were completely sold out before the show began, making it the most successful UTB event so far. “I can’t be here to see that it continues,” said Grober. “But I’d love to see that happen.”