Three Out of Four Cycling Teams Earn Championship Victories

On Wednesday the Andover cycling team traveled to Bristol, New Hampshire to ride in their final league race of the season where Andover riders placing first in three divisions – Girls’ Varsity A, Girls’ Varsity B and Boys’ Varsity A divisions. The New Hampton School hosted the championship race. The team performed outstandingly well. The race, ending on an uphill, posed as a challenge for the riders, but all performed to their best ability. The Girls’ Varsity B team in particular dominated the racecourse, winning all of their category championships. Both Vivian Wehner ’09 and Louisa Chafee ’09 served as anchors for the team and won their division. On the Girls’ Varsity A team, captain Hilary Rich ’09 had an exceptional performance. Backed up by Eliza Nguyen ’09 and Abby Levene ’09, Rich’s incredible performance earned her the title of best overall individual girls’ varsity rider in the league. Though small in number, the Boys’ Varsity A team did well with Mike Discenza ’09, Austin Novis ’11 and Scotty Fleming ’10 were making key contributions on Wednesday and all throughout the season. At the end of the day Andover placed second behind Exeter in the league standings, despite placing first in the league championships. Even though the team faced challenges due to its low numbers, Coach Samuel Zaeder said, “Andover riders rode a complete and stellar season.”