Just A Sprain

Dear Blue Key Heads, Apparently I was crazy. I thought that the only way to bring about an opening of school ASM that lived up to the title: A Celebration of Community was to extinguish senior exuberance. I feared that self-regulation was beyond the ken of over 300 12th graders intent on doing what consistently appears to be the opposite of self-regulation. I diagnosed a serious rupture in community and wrote a prescription for surgery and traction. And then I had a candid, forthright, empathic and utterly constructive dialogue with you, the proud and conscientious leaders of spirit at Andover. I feel better now. Encouraged. Hopeful. Trusting. I am able/willing to see that the problem was a sprain, not a break; and that the fix calls for a brace not an amputation. I am persuaded that the Seniors can show both exultation AND self-restraint, that they can and will display pride in their accomplishments AND be respectful and welcoming towards others in our community. Beneath the reactions I’ve received to the piece I wrote last week I divine not so much a claim to the right to be loud at an ASM as desperation to maintain an essential trust between the adults and the students in this community. Perhaps some of you are aware that beneath my rhetoric was not so much condemnation of who you can at times appear to be, but a desperate attempt to call you to your better nature. I thank you for answering the call. I look forward to the Celebration of Community in the fall. Addendum I submitted the letter above to The Phillipian on Tuesday, May 19. The very next day I went to our Prize Assembly ASM and sadly and ironically the very behavior about which I complained (much to the indignation of many students) was in brazen display. To be fair and accurate and avoid being hyperbolic, it was (and is always) a handful of kids who mar the occasion. I do know that. We all know that. It is a challenging problem indeed. But not one that leads me to discouragement. I am still hopeful after my meeting with the Blue Key Heads that decorum and civility might yet prevail and become the norm. I still look forward to earnest and effective leadership from ’10. I was moved and impressed by our School President’s oratory today – by how he fulfilled his role as standard bearer for the community with thoughtful, humorous, inspirational remarks. I still look forward to the Celebration of Community ASM in September. Peace, Carlos Carlos Hoyt is the All-School Meeting Coordinator and the Associate Dean of Students.