Ultimate Captures Tournament Championship With Four Wins

Andover Ultimate tested its endurance this last weekend when it played five games at the Andover Invitational Tournament, which included five other New England teams. Despite the windy weather and long hours, Andover remained focused throughout and finished first place in the tournament, grabbing the championship. Andover’s focus, which stems from the intense practice made this term, led the team to utterly demolish Exeter and Holliston by scores of 11 to 0. Andover also came out strong against Andover High, maintaining control for the first half, but letting Andover High edge its way back in. Luckily Andover was able to regain supremacy and eliminate mistakes, earning an easy 11 to 4 win. Andover continued to play well in its next game and cruised a 11 to 3 win over Lincoln Sudbury. Following this tournament victory, Andover won yet again the game this Wednesday against Lexington High School by 15 to 7. Thomas Armstrong ’11 said, “We are a much better team after playing in the tournament – we just need to work on our consistency on offense and defense.”