Meyer ’09 Undefeated In Week’s Two Wins

Last Friday was a good Friday for the Andover team. Behind the play of Captain Trey Meyer ’09 and Mark Adamsson ’11, Andover thumped Groton on an afternoon of outdoor playing. To add to the day’s excitement, on his birthday Micheal Kontaxis ’11 won his doubles match with partner Max Png ’10 to help secure the Andover victory. Groton hosted the Andover team on a night of outdoor playing. To take advantage of the diminishing light, Coach Wilkin summoned his singles players first. Meyer beat the Groton Co-Captain 6-1, 6-3 without too much trouble. Up next, second seeded Adamsson played the other Groton Captain and prevailed 6-0, 6-1. With two wins from the start, Andover looked very consistent, but Kontaxis lost his singles match in a turn of events. The lower from California dominated his first set, but struggled through the next two, losing 6-1, 5-7, 4-6. “I had one of the most frustrating matches of my career,” said Kontaxis. Hunter Schlacks ’11 and Myles O’Neil ’12 were able to rebound and win their matches for the team. Both players trumped their opponents 6-1, 6-1. Png had his debut match and proved to be a great asset for Andover, defeating his opponent 6-3, 6-0. “I was losing 1-2 in the first set, but after getting a feel of how my opponent played, I managed to take the next 10 of 11 games to win,” said Png of the first single match of his career. Tony Zou ’09 and Adamsson teamed up in doubles but lost their pro set 4-8. Schlacks and O’Neil won their match 8-2, and Png and Kontaxis beat their opponent 8-2 as well. This Wednesday, Andover traveled to Tabor expecting a very tough match. Last year Tabor played Andover’s Varsity B team, but this time Tabor had to face Andover’s Varsity A squad. Meyer played the first seed on the ladder against Adam Vaz, the top player on the Tabor team. Meyer has been playing number one for the past three years and is the former NEPSITT champion (a New England Prep School Tournament). “I am really confident about our bottom three singles players, all of whom are accomplished shot-makers, mature strategists and match-tough, adaptable competitors,” said Coach Greg Wilkin before the game. Playing in ISL format where singles play only two sets and each set won gives the team one point, Andover lived up to its expectations and won overall as a team, 5-1. This Friday Andover will be playing a highly anticipated match against St. Paul’s School. One of the highlight matches will be Meyer’s match against St. Paul’s number one player, who is one of the strongest opponents in the league. “It should be a crowd pleaser,” said Wilkin.