Look of the Week: Camerin Stoldt ’12

Camerin Stoldt ’12 has a style that is offbeat, eclectic and a tad bit girly- a reflection of her bright and outgoing personality. “I’m a pretty ‘out there’ person, and I think my clothes are too,” Stoldt said. With only a single glance at Stoldt, one notices her edgy use of color. Pulling off bright and audacious color choices such as fluorescent yellow and electric neon lime, Stoldt has a punchy freshness that makes her stand out in a crowd. But color is not the only aspect of her style that makes her look particularly distinctive. Stoldt does not allow much to impact her style, unlike many students who tend to follow the tide of dressing with the trends. In addition to fads, many people look to designers or magazines to create a certain look, but Stoldt does just the opposite, solely relying on her own judgment when deciding what to wear. Although Stoldt said that she does not have a trademark look, she is rarely seen apart from a pair of her All-Star Converse. Her favorite high-tops are faded orange sporting various stars drawn in Sharpie on the rubber fronts. On a typical day, one might find her wearing a loose V-neck T-shirt, a patterned high-waisted skirt and a pair of colorful tights. Stoldt’s wears her style, which borders on a thin line separating the bold from the ordinary, with comfort and ease. Without getting over-the-top tacky with bright colors that can too quickly become loud and garish, she balances the vibrant colors out with a few subtle, mildly toned pieces. Accessories often make or break it when it comes to fashion, but Stoldt utilizes hers in perfect combination to enhance her attire. She employs skinny belts to bring her outfits together and wears big, bold, colorful jewelry to accent a simple ensemble. She also always wears “bunches of bracelets and a special ring with spirals” that she almost never taken removes. Stoldt often embellishes her outfits with accessories ranging from “big sunglasses, peace sign earrings, hair bows and hello kitty accessories” to “purple eye shadow, leopard print leggings and sparkly nail polish.” If Stoldt could splurge on any one thing, she said she would buy multiple pairs of wild leggings from American Apparel that are, however, “well worth the price.” Besides American Apparel, other places that Stoldt said she likes to shop at include Delia*s, Target, PacSun and various thrift stores. Sharing many similarities with her style icon, Agyness Deyn, it is not much of a surprise that Stoldt admires her so much. With her unparalleled sense of style, Deyn is a model emblem of the bold, modern and new. The British “It girl” is known for not being afraid of taking fashion chances. By putting a little of her spunky personality into her eccentric style, Stoldt generates a look that appears natural, fresh and uniquely hers.