The Den Debuts On A Sweet Note

The pressure was on Kailin Garrity as the first guest to perform in the Den—and she didn’t disappoint. “It was an exciting first event at the Den. Garrity had a nice, earthy voice and she was very friendly. I might go buy her CD!” said Mollie Lee ’10. “[The Coffee House] went fantastic! Kailin was the best performer we’ve had,” said Scott Dzialo ’09, President of Student Activities Board and coordinator of the event. The 23-year-old singer graced the Den with her pure voice and energetic personality. She played five original songs and a few other songs requested by the crowd. Garrity loved the atmosphere of the Den. “The number of kids here is awesome, everyone is listening and participating. There is a great vibe from the students… It’s so great to showcase these amazing artists. Everybody supports here—it is a unique and great thing!” said Garrity. Garrity enthusiastically expressed her happiness and excitement that Andover has built up such a significant community for the arts. Of course, Garrity was not the only spotlight of the night. The audience saw an immense amount of student talent as they watched coffeehouse cover girl Casey McQuillen ’11 sing several original pieces. Her songs were catchy, and her singing was in tune and beautiful. Some members of the audience even knew her song, “Walk Away,” by heart. McQuillen wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “It was really cool to have people react to “Walk Away” like that. For me, it’s a lot easier to perform when I get positive feedback from my friends in the audience. I really appreciate the support I’ve received from our community.” Will Adams ’11 also sang “Give Me Away,” a slow and romantic song written by Adams himself just that day. The time restraint didn’t seem to affect Adams, as he pulled through and performed successfully for the audience. Charlie Walters ’10 recited two profound original poems. His recitations were a little fast, but the content was nothing short of touching. Alex Kalil ’09 and Sam Weiss ’09 sang two original songs, and a cover of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Both the performers and the audience agreed their rendition of the Beatles’ masterpiece was somewhat of a failure, but they gave the audience a funny, enjoyable performance. Also, it’s Senior Spring; who cares? Garrity passed on a great piece of advice to her fellow performers, “Keep going and always follow your dreams. Play as much as possible here at Andover, with the great support and community you are surrounded by.” The new venue for the coffeehouse was refreshing for students. Mary Polk-Bauman ’11 said “I felt I was not in a school…[The Den] was more like an alcohol-free bar with good music.” Additionally, unlike the Underwood Room, the Den provided food and drinks from the kitchen, more space, better acoustics and fluorescent, changing lights on the ceiling. “[The Den] was the perfect place for us to be able to have fun enjoying the music and yet mingling with our friends,” said Byron Udegbe ’12. Overall, the night was extremely successful. The Den has a very bright future ahead filled with great events to come.