Phillips Academy Clubs Look To New Leadership for Spring Term

Cluster council, club boards, publication editors and Blue Key Heads from the class of 2009 have recently passed the torch to next year’s leaders, most from the class of 2010. Clubs and publications that have recently turned over boards include Philomathean Society, Pot Pourri, Frontline and The Courant. Cluster elections on Wednesday also determined new cluster presidents, as well as other positions on cluster council. Cindy Efinger, Director of Student Activities, announced the Blue Key Heads for the 2009-2010 school year on Tuesday. Charlie Walters ’10, one of the 10 new Blue Key Heads, said that he is looking most forward to “dominating Jell-O wrestling.” Deidra Willis ’09, a former Blue Key Head, estimated that 30 Uppers applied for Blue Key Head. Blue Key Heads are selected after application process that includes a written application, an interview with two current Blue Key Heads and tryouts. Blue Key Head applicants were required to lead a cheer in front of a large of students, perform push-ups and serenade a randomly selected Senior. “I know we picked a really good bunch of kids this year,” said Emerson Stoldt ’09, a former Blue Key Head. “I feel like it’s time to pass it on.” Willis said, “I feel empty. It’s weird to see the Uppers wearing our skirts, since we’ve been wearing them for so long. It’s kind of bittersweet because it’s time to move on, but I wish I was still [a Blue Key Head], because I had so much fun.” “I’m really excited to just be in that division of support for this school,” said Scotty Fleming ’10, a new Blue Key Head. “[This is] where I can really say ‘I love this school.’ I really want to devote a lot of time to it.” Fleming continued, “I’m going to get myself oriented with how the whole system works, and at that point I can start to think about changes.” Claire King ’10, the new Editor in Chief of Pot Pourri, said that Pot Pourri is one of her “biggest passions at this school.” “I think [Pot Pourri] is a really nice way to give back to the school because it’s one of the few physical memories that people will have of Andover,” said King. “We’re all going to look back on our yearbooks, and I think it’s really neat that I get to play such a big role in that.” King is also a new Blue Key Head. “I’m incredibly fortunate to be involved in both Pot Pourri and the group of Blue Key Heads,” said King. “I can’t wait to cheer and don my skirt, as well as help shape the yearbook for next year.” The new Co-Heads of Philomathean Society are making new plans for the debate club. Jennifer Schaffer ’10, Co-Head of Philo, said, “I think Sebastian [Becker ’10, Co-Head of Philo] and I are going to take leaps towards making Philo a bit more predominant on campus, as one of the premier clubs.” “We’re also going to demand a larger time commitment from members because we really do want people to take debate very seriously so that we can get better,” she continued. Becker is Commentary Editor and Schaffer is Editorial Board Chair of The Phillipian. Tiffany Li ’09, a former Senior board member of Philo, said that she hopes the next board de-emphasizes Philo’s off-campus presence at debate tournaments and uses the club “to get kids who aren’t necessarily interested in competitive debate interested in the more intellectual fare that Philo has to offer.” Frontline, Andover’s political magazine, is under the new leadership of Nicolas Serna ’10, Editor in Chief. “I am hoping to expand the presence [of Frontline] on campus. We’d like to increase our readership and subscription base and have more people reading each issue,” said Serna. He continued, “We have a few ideas on the table for slight changes from the previous board. One idea on the table right now is to have a website so…parents and off-site readers can get access.” Ishan Kapoor ’09, former Editor in Chief of Frontline, said, “I feel good because I know I’m leaving my position in good hands. I’ve worked very closely with Nick Serna over the last year to make the magazine, and I know he’s going to do a good job.” Charlie Dong ’09 and Louise Ireland ’09, Co-Editors in Chief of the Courant, have selected Charles Shoener ’10 as their replacement. Dong said, “Obviously Louise and I are pretty sad to leave the Courant behind us, but I think we’re leaving it in pretty capable hands. We had probably the most applications the Courant has ever had for the board this year, and so we got to pick the people we thought could best fill the positions.”