Winning Record is the Biggest Goal for Boys Volleyball This Year

After last year’s 5-6 season record, the Andover Boys Volleyball team is looking forward to a new winning season. As a result of six graduated seniors last season, the team will count on five varsity returners to carry the team. Coach Clyfe Beckwith said, “We will need to work on playing together with lots of new chemistry.” With a total of twelve players on this year’s Andover Boys Volleyball team, less than half will be returning players. Two key returners, Menelik Washington ’09 and Sam Burwell ’09, are leading the team as Co-Captains this year. Co-Captain Washington and Co-Captain Burwell will start for Andover as outside hitters. Co-Captain Washington adds height to the team at 6’2’’ and will defensively assist with blocking to bring the opposing team’s offense to a standstill. With his height and experience with the game, he will also be able to generate kills to lead Andover. Andrew Khang ’10, Tim Wong ’09, and Christian Anderson ’09 join the two captains as the other three returning players. Khang ’10 will return to the starting team this season in the familiar position of setter. Wong ’09 comes back strong to his position of opposite side hitter, expecting to make some great kills for Andover. Joining him at opposite hitter position is DJ Dlesk ’10. Also, Anderson ’09 in the libero position returns to the starting team for Andover this season. In addition to the returning athletes, newcomers Paul Bloemsma ’10 and Peter Bang ’11 finalize the starting team for Andover this season. Bloemsma ’10 will start as a middle hitter and will play a large part on the defensive end on account of his height at 6’4’’. Assisting him in the middle hitter position is Bang ’11. Other team members include Stevie Xenakis ’10, Kyul Rhee ’10, and Michael Yoon ’10. Because the team does have a height advantage this year, Beckwith is trying out a different rotation than he has in previous seasons. The new rotation consists of six hitters and two setters. The boys volleyball league only consists of four teams, including Andover, NMH, Loomis Chaffee and Choate. Andover is hoping to add Wilbraham-Monson to the schedule this spring. As for now, the key match-ups this season are those against NMH and Choate, both of which are challenging volleyball programs. Last season, Andover was seeded fourth out of four at the Founding-Four League Tournament, and disappointingly for Andover, first-seeded NMH went on to win the league tournament. Andover will begin its season with a scrimmage against Central Catholic tomorrow.