Uncommons To Become A Flexible Function Space

Students can say goodbye to the long trek to Uncommons. When students return from spring break, Uncommons will no longer be a dining hall. Instead, it will become a flexible space, open especially for sports practices. Uncommons will also serve as a venue for many Andover-hosted functions when Commons cannot accommodate them. “Uncommons works out of four trailers, two which were bought and two which were rented. We’re keeping the two that were bought for food services for bigger events,” said Paul Murphy, Dean of Students and Residential Life. As previously reported by The Phillipian in October, Michael Kuta, Director of the Athletic Department, plans to use Uncommons to accommodate LIFE (Life/Instruction/Fitness Education) sports. LIFE activities offer nontraditional fitness options, which usually do not have a meeting place. According to Michael Williams, Director of Facilities, these plans have not changed since the fall but the details have yet to be developed. With the added space from Uncommons, athletic seasons will not be affected by bad weather, as they have been this week, said Murphy. Uncommons will also be used for standardized testing like Borden Gym. Many students are happy to say farewell to Uncommons. “Uncommons was a good temporary solution, but I am glad to be able to move back to Commons, a better and more convenient location,” said Orie Idah ’11. “I’m looking forward to Commons. I’ve heard so much about it, especially after [the Senior party there last Friday]. I can’t wait to see it,” said Andrew Li ’10. Jake Merrill ’09 said, “Having everyone in the same room was neat for a while, but now I’m kind of done with that.” However, many students feel that they will miss Uncommons when the time comes to leave. “I feel like the social scene [in Uncommons] is less segregated compared to Commons, and it’s easier to find your friends,” said Sheya Jabouin ’11. “[In Uncommons] you don’t have the problem of not knowing where your friends are sitting,” said Scott Cuthell ’11. Many new students who entered Andover this year, including the class of 2012, have never seen or dined in Commons. “As a freshman, having never been into Commons before, I am very excited to enter this building that so much time and money has gone into,” said Kennedy Edmonds ’12. “People will treat Commons with more respect.” “After having been in Uncommons for about a year, I feel that the move back to Commons will be greatly appreciated by all students,” said Nneka Anunkor ’11.