Quick Quotes from the Artist

Gayle Caruso and Cathy McLaurin’s connection to PA’s art community came before their exhibit at Gelb Gallery; they used to be studio neighbors to Therese Zemlin, Instructor in Art. The Phillipian spoke to Cathy McLaurin to uncover more facts about the collaborative artists. Q: What brought your exhibit to Phillips Academy? A: Gayle submitted a proposal to have an exhibition here [in the Gelb Gallery]. We really like setting our exhibits in locations where students will see the work. Q: Is there a common theme in this exhibit? A: [The common theme is] exploring the idea of gardens in a broad sense and the idea of searching and how that relates to what you’re locating. Q: What sets you apart from other artists? A: I don’t feel I’m very different from other artists in that we all have the desire to create and get our work out there.