Last Word: The Final Six Speak Up

Hi. I’m Lily Shaffer and I’m running for president. I’m a day student from Reading, Massachusetts, but I lived in Stimson last spring. I hope I can prove to you that I’m the best candidate and explain my platform in 550 words. I hope you read on. I coordinate Theatre Troupe and participate in several other community service projects. I photograph for Pot Pourri, and I’m on the JSU board. I’ve served as the Abbot Day Student Rep, sing in Azure, play softball and love theater. I’ve seen all aspects of student life. Scratch that. All candidates are all over campus. New approach. My favorite class is cosmology (the study of the sky not makeup). I can control each of my toes separately. I got a concussion from banging my head on a table while working on my Art 200 sculpture. I’m allergic to gluten and do a pretty good Indian accent. My favorite place is Stinson Mountain in New Hampshire, and I love coconut popsicles. I pretend I can beatbox, and Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure. “Goodnight Moon” is the best book ever. Know me now? Read on. Why do I want to be president? I love this school. I want to give back. I want to lead you. I want to get things done around here. Really, I do. But this isn’t about me. This is about you. This is about how the student body can’t elect a president and have the work she does go unnoticed. Progress must be made public. While big issues are developing, the President must fix the little issues, as well. I said it in my platform, and I’ll say it again: I don’t make empty promises. Requirements? Let’s look at graduation requirements and IP’s on a case-by-case basis instead of just following “the rules.” Should music lessons for credit go toward diploma requirements? Dorm atmospheres? Should there be a designated study area that is quiet after eight? Can we equip all dorms with wireless? Cluster council? This group should be utilized to discuss topics like residential life and community expectations. What if each cluster president visited all dorms in her cluster and go to know everybody? The school would become more connected if this mini-government took more initiative. Communication? Weekly student Council emails and a dinner table can increase discussions. Then there are smaller goals that would make life a little easier: bells in Sam Phil, online grades, synchronized clocks, a functioning change machine. After meeting with Mr. Murphy, I got the water fountains fixed. I discovered that Uncommons will become a testing center, and the clocks will stay. New, larger desks are on the way. I am taking initiative. I’m serious, but also a goofball. I’m outgoing, approachable and hardworking. Know me now? Probably not. But I hope you have a better sense of me. Introduce yourself. Maybe there’s a pesky fountain that still malfunctions. More than anything, I ask for a chance. On Friday, remember the clever pun created by a friend of mine: Vote for Lily. The school will be S(h)af(f)er in her hands.