School President Candidates ?Narrowed Down to Six

The first round of voting in the race for School President left six candidates to contend for the title and eliminated the 12 others on Wednesday. The six remaining candidates of the original 18 Uppers are: Faiyad Ahmad, Duncan Crystal, Billy Fowkes, Tyler Jennings, Lily Shaffer and Eric Sirakian. Students hoping to learn more about platforms and candidates can attend the presidential debate between the final six contenders scheduled for next week. “Last year, the candidates that participated in the debate mostly just agreed with each other,” said Adams. “[In order to avoid that], we will start off by asking individual questions directed to the platforms of specific candidates. Then, we’ll focus on broader topics by asking [questions like] what direction the Student Council should [take] or what important qualities a President should have.” The debate will either be broadcast on WPAA or held in Kemper Auditorium next week, according to Adams. Although the moderators for the debate have not been officially chosen, the Executive Board of Student Council will most likely moderate the debate. All of this year’s primary candidates filmed individual videos, approximately one minute in length, outlining their platform. Candidate videos were released Sunday night on PAnet, two weeks after the original 18 candidates were named. “[We wanted voters to be able to] associate the candidate’s face with their name. We wanted students to consider: ‘Who can you see speaking in front of the entire school?’” said Adams. The first round was originally scheduled for Monday, but was postponed until Wednesday because of technical difficulties when uploading the candidates’ videos. Adams said that he believed it wasn’t a good idea for students to vote after having the videos available for only one day, so he changed the first round to Wednesday. This year, the election process has three rounds of voting, unlike last year’s four. Adams said, “[We cut a round] primarily because we want the process to be shorter. From experiences in past years, we thought we could do without the round from 12 candidates to six.”