Andover Exeter 2009 Winter Preview – Captain’s Perspectives

“After my four years on the team and my ten matches against our rival powerhouse, I know that Exeter will test our strength as a team and bring out our focus and desire to win. GO BLUE!” “For the rest of the seniors and myself it is an especially important meet because not only is it the last dual meet of our high school careers, but it is the last time we will ever race in our home pool. It’s bittersweet, sad and exciting at the same time.” “As a four year member of the team, I feel that I have gotten to know some of the players on the Exeter team…We have all been enemies for so long that I think we now have become friends.” “Andover/Exeter is simply insane. Stepping on the ice, I immediately loose my breath, and my heart begins to pump faster than ever. With family, friends, teachers, and so many others screaming and sitting on the edge of their seats while we race up and down the ice, these games will forever live on with me.” “Andover/Exeter is always the game you look forward to, the game with the highest level of intensity, and the game you remember when the season is over. Regardless of how the two teams are doing in the regular season, it somehow always ends up being a tight, exciting game. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” “I know it may seem silly but a season doesn’t feel complete until I’ve passed an Exeter girl in a race. While that makes defeat sting a little more, it also makes winning a little sweeter. Whether as a captain or a teammate, I always consider beating Exeter to be what I came here to do, and that’s the goal of the season.”