Girls Hockey Holds 20-2 Nobles Squad to Tie At Home

Senior forward Kaitlin McInnis shattered New Hampton’s hope of victory this past Tuesday, scoring two goals and assisting two more in Andover’s 7-1 win. Led by McInnis, the Andover offense came out strong and never looked back against New Hampton. The onslaught started four minutes into the first period, when Avery Stone ’10 buried a goal in front of the net off passes from Katherine Sherrill ’10 and McInnis. Just a minute later, McInnis netted her first goal of the day. Starting with the puck in the Andover zone, she evaded all of her New Hampton defenders and finished her scoring drive with Andover’s second goal. The New Hampton defense struggled to stop the forceful Andover offense. The scoring frenzy continued as the first period came to a close. Recovering from two concussions, Lauren Glynn ’10 made her return to the ice memorable by scoring Andover’s third goal in the first period. The Andover offense had found their groove and settled into a steady offensive flow. “Our good passing and communication helped spark the good offense. We also played with a lot of confidence,” said McInnis. New Hampton came into the second period prepared to fight back. Just three minutes into the period they scored their first and only goal of the day. Mari Walsh ’11 also returned to the lineup on Tuesday after recovering from injuries. She quickly responded to New Hampton’s lone goal with a goal of her own, assisted by Jordan Hampton ’12. Walsh scored with six minutes left in the second period, putting Andover up 4-1 and obliterating any hopes of a New Hampton come back. After suffering a difficult loss to Governor’s Academy last week, the offense came into the New Hampton game ready to rebound. Andover was not satisfied with only four goals. In the third period, Ann Doherty ’11, McInnis, and Kyleigh Keating ’10 all scored, totaling seven goals on the day for Andover. In addition to the spectacular offensive play, the defensive lineup gave an impressive performance. Over three periods the Andover defense allowed just nine shots and only one goal. After the victory against New Hampton, Andover was prepared for a challenging game against Nobles. Nobles came into the game on Wednesday with an impressive 20-1 record. Going into the game, Andover knew it needed to be both mentally and physically prepared to take on the formidable Nobles team. For Andover, most of the game was spent defending their zone. Nobles came out strong and managed to fire 11 shots in the first period. Nobles didn’t let up and took 15 more shots over the course of the second period. Goalie Alissa Fromkin ’09 played a notable game in net, thwarting every attempt made by the Nobles offense. The pace of the game slowed in the third period as Andover had to focus on stopping the Nobles offense. Andover kept fighting, though, and drove the game to overtime. In overtime Andover maintained its strength and endurance, preventing Nobles from finding the net. Fromkin’s play was especially pivotal in Andover’s success. Her 39 saves proved to be the deciding factor, making the game against Nobles one of her greatest performances. Although it will go down as a tie in the record books, the game against Nobles will be remembered as monumental for Andover. “It showed us we can play with the best teams. We are a lot stronger because of this game,” said Sherrill. For Andover, the tie was just as good as a victory. “Our hearts were in the game. We made the successful adjustment to play with the fast paced Nobles players, and we never gave up,” said Kaitlin Gaiss ’09.